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‘Kid named Finger’: Hilarious meme inspired by renowned ‘Breaking Bad’ actor

'Kid named Finger': Hilarious meme inspired by renowned 'Breaking Bad' actor

Memes are a common form of internet humour, but sometimes their jokes may not be immediately apparent unless we have a deeper understanding of the context behind them. This is especially true for memes like the popular “Kid named Finger”, which can be incredibly funny and relatable but only if you grasp their underlying meaning.

This piece unpacks the amusing “Kid named Finger” meme, which has captured the attention of internet users since 2022 and explores its comic appeal and intellectual genius.

Who is ‘Kid named Finger’?

Who is 'Kid named Finger'?

The “Kid named Finger” meme is a fun trend that originated from the TV show, Breaking Bad. This meme cleverly combines two popular meme formats. The first is the character of “Mike Ehrmantraut”, known for being serious and focused; while the second is the “Kid Named X” format, where people give funny names to characters or individuals.

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Internet users decided to put a playful spin on Mike Ehrmantraut’s name and started referring to him as “Kid Named Finger”. The character “Mike Ehrmantraut” is played by American actor, Jonathan Banks who has now become a fan favourite among lovers of the AMC-televised drama series.

'Kid named Finger' meme

‘Kid named Finger’ meme

The “Kid Named Finger” meme successfully blended the serious nature of Mike Ehrmantraut with the playful “Kid Named X” meme format. It caught the attention of internet users, creating a funny and unexpected twist that resonated with many. It is a creative and enjoyable way for fans to engage with and generate amusing content around the beloved character from Breaking Bad.

The meme has been predominantly shared on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, where users have posted images, captions, and even edited content featuring Mike Ehrmantraut, referred to as “Kid Named Finger.” These posts often playfully replace Mike’s name with the meme-generated nickname, resulting in funny and unexpected combinations.

The meme’s usage extends beyond simply referencing Ehrmantraut as “Kid Named Finger”. It has also been combined with other popular meme formats or used as part of larger meme trends. For example, users have incorporated the meme into text-based jokes, image macros, and even fan art, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of the format.

another 'Kid named Finger' meme    more Kid named finger meme

The “Kid named Finger” meme is similar to the “Kid named X” meme format, in which people give funny names to characters or people. The “Kid named X” format became popular on Reddit in September 2019 and gained a lot of attention. People started using it in different ways, creating variations like “Kid named Everyone”, “Kid named Don’t” and “Kid named Paint”.

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The only difference between the two is that the ‘Kid named Finger’ meme mostly uses images of actor Mike Ehrmantraut from the TV series, Breaking Bad. The meme takes advantage of various camera shots of Ehrmantraut, in which he showcases different facial expressions.

In one example of the meme, there is a scenario depicted where a teacher instructs the students to raise a finger before answering any question in class. Below this scenario, an image of Ehrmantraut making a facial expression that resonates with viewers is shown. Superimposed above the picture is a caption that reads: “Kid named Finger.”

The combination of this relatable scenario, the expression on Ehrmantraut’s face and the humorous caption create a comic effect that internet users find entertaining. The unexpected and clever connection between the serious persona of Ehrmantraut and the playful name “Kid named Finger” generates laughter and amusement.

Here are some other examples:

pianist Kid named finger memeteacher 'Kid named Finger' meme 'Kid named Finger' trend

‘Kid named Finger’ trend

The “Kid named Finger” meme trend started when a Redditor, named Monday965, made a funny post on March 22, 2022. The Reddit user took a picture of Ehrmantraut and called him “Kid Named Finger”. This post got a lot of upvotes on the /r/okbuddychicanery subreddit. On the same day, another Redditor, named KearLoL, shared the same image on the /r/okbuddyretard subreddit, where it also got a lot of upvotes.

After that, more Redditors joined in and posted memes referring to Ehrmantraut as “Kid named Finger”. These posts became very popular in the /r/okbuddychicanery subreddit as Reddit users enjoyed the humour and creativity behind these memes. In April 2022, the trend took off, with many memes using the “Kid named Finger” name getting thousands of upvotes. 

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