Skabash! is an infotainment website that is primed to connect with a youthful local audience in Nigeria, Africa, and the diaspora. Our desire is to become the best infotainment website in Nigeria and number one in Africa.

This website is maintained by experienced writers and journalists who have the responsibility of undertaking diligent research and investigative duties ahead of any publication and are also charged to produce unbiased reports; free from any ethnic, religious, sentimental, or sectarian influences. Publications are regularly reviewed at specific review windows and sprints that are internally set in the organisation’s timetable.

We pride ourselves on producing unique evergreen content of the highest quality to entertain and inform our audience.

We are non-partisan and always aim to transmit the full story without any influence from financial, advertisers, or other interests.

Finally, we are committed to upholding a culture of diversity, respect, and gender equality.

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