Zachary Taylor Warner: Son of NFL icon who refuses to be constrained by disability

Zachary Taylor Warner: Son of NFL icon who refuses to be constrained by disability

Zachary Taylor Warner is a young man who has captured the hearts of many with his infectious smile and unwavering spirit. Despite being paralysed, Warner has refused to let his limitations define him. 

Instead, he has lived a life of love, happiness, and resilience, receiving abundant affection and support from his family, especially his adoptive father. Zachary Taylor Warner’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration to many.

Who is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner selfie

Zachary Taylor Warner, better known as “Zack”, was born on April 25, 1989, in the United States of America. He was raised by his biological father as an infant, while his mother served in the United States Marine Corps at a young age.

Warner is well-known for being the adoptive child of Kurt Warner, a former American football quarterback who played 12 seasons in the NFL and is deemed to be one of the most illustrious figures in American sports history. His mother is Brenda Carney Meoni, who is now known as Brenda Warner. She is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Warner is disabled and blind. He probably gained his education from being home-schooled or from a school dedicated to special needs students. 

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Zachary Taylor Warner’s parents and siblings

Before she met Kurt Warner, Brenda Meoni already had two kids. The stunning beauty once stated that she disclosed this to Warner during their talking stage, but the NFL star did not mind. Instead, he showed up at her home with a rose and intentions of meeting the kids.

The pair eventually got married on October 11, 1997. After the marriage, Zachary Warner was adopted by Warner as his son. Zachary Warner was just eight years old at the time, and the two have built a very beautiful and inspiring relationship thus far.

Zachary Taylor Warner and his adoptive family

Zachary Warner has six siblings: one biological named Jesse Jo, and the other half-siblings named Kade, Jada Jo, Elijah and twins Sienna and Sierra. 

Jesse is Zachary’s biological sibling as he was born to his mother, Brenda Meoni, and her first husband, Neil.

Kade Eugene Warner, the couple’s first child, was born on September 29, 1998. He represents the Kansas City Wildcats as a wide receiver in American football.

Jada Jo Warner is an aspiring Youtuber reportedly living in Arizona. She was born in 2001.

Elijah Warner (born in 2003) is their third child. He is also a football player, he committed to playing college football at Temple University. 

Sienna and Sierra, the twins, were born in 2005.

Zachary Taylor Warner blind

Zachary Taylor Warner smiling

Contrary to the popular narrative, Zachary Warner was not born blind. Just less than four months after his birth, Warner was a victim of an unfortunate domestic accident. While he was being given a bath by his biological father, Neil, the baby mistakenly slipped from the hands of his father and landed his head on the bathtub.

This unfortunate incident forced Warner’s mother to take a hardship discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. The aftermath of the accident resulted in several health complications which left Warner blind for life. This inspired his parents to establish Treasure House, a housing services facility in Arizona for young people living with cognitive disabilities.

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Zachary Taylor Warner’s biological father

Zachary Warner’s biological father is identified simply as Neil. Brenda Meoni got married to Neil shortly after she joined the U.S. Marine Corps. She was a member of the military when she gave birth to the couple’s first son.

Brenda Meoni divorced Neil just before the birth of their daughter, Jesse, after it was revealed that he was having an extramarital affair while she was pregnant.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s net worth

Zachary Taylor Warner with his family at an event

As an individual who is visually and physically impaired, Zachary Warner is not currently involved in any profession. The young man is dependent on his family, who shower him with much love and care.

It is unclear what Zachary Warner’s net worth may be. However, his father, Kurt Warner, has an estimated net worth of $30 million. 

Zachary Taylor Warner’s age

Zachary Taylor Warner was born on April 25, 1989. He is currently 33 years old and will turn 34 by April 2023.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s Instagram

younger Zachary Taylor Warner with his parents and sibling

Zachary Warner does not have a profile on any social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

Despite not having a personal social media account of his own, Zachary Warner can frequently be found on his mother’s Instagram profile, where she routinely shares several pictures of him along with heartfelt messages. His mother’s Instagram handle is @brendawarner and she has 17,300 followers, as of the time of writing this article.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s wife

The 33-year-old man does not appear to be involved in any romantic relationship, as he is still unmarried.

Together with his large family of six siblings and his parents, with whom he has a strong affinity, he enjoys a quiet life filled with love and care.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s injury

Zachary Taylor Warner in the hospital

As a result of his unfortunate accident as an infant, Zachary Warner is said to have suffered permanent brain damage and blindness.

In her book, One Call Away, Brenda Meoni narrated that her son’s brain damage was not discovered by the family until he began experiencing respiratory difficulties and made odd noises when breathing. It was when she and her ex-husband took their son to the hospital that it was discovered that he sustained brain damage and cognitive disability, which rendered him permanently blind.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s football

Despite being the son of an American Football League great, Zachary is said to have no interest in football whatsoever. The ever-cheerful Zachary enjoys singing instead.

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