Your boyfriend used you – Man tells ladies, reveals how [VIDEO]

Your boyfriend used you - Man tells ladies, reveals how [VIDEO] 1

A Nigerian man, @wilfrdmayor, shared his views on TikTok, suggesting that if a man leaves a woman to marry someone he perceives as better, he likely “used” the first lady to achieve his goal.

He stated that it is normal for women to leave their boyfriends for richer, more generous, and marriageable men. However, many men responded, saying that women tend to be more loyal to their feelings when choosing life partners, while men tend to be more logical.

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The video sparked reactions and discussions on social media about gender dynamics in relationships.

Watch the video below:

@wilfrdmayor Ladies always claim to be smart but men are actually smarter !! #Wilfrdmayor ♬ original sound – WilfrdMayor

See the reactions below:

@rootedtruth: “The funny thing is black soap in ladies house is organic but in guys house na juju.”

@thatgirllalexa: “Since nah guys full here maybe I fit find boyfriend here.”

@deymar__0: “girls are loyal to their feelings don’t simp.”

@bryto1: “When the truth taste like Andrew liver salt.”

@chimezieuchegbu: “they want everything to favour them.”

@itz_tboy: “5,638 girls left the group.”

@ajayjunior1011: “Any girl wer fit comment for here I go send am money.”

@savage1fortune: “i was watching this video with my babe and she started crying when I asked her what happened she said she was getting married next week.”

@franciswest01: “Who else is still checking to see weda he will find a lady comment.”

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