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You’ll never earn the right – Shaffy Bello on younger people addressing her by first name

You'll never earn the right - Shaffy Bello shares thoughts on younger people addressing her by first name

Nollywood actress Shaffy Bello has revealed the discomfort she feels when younger people address her by her first name, ‘Shaffy,’ and when they wave at her.

During her appearance on the Me, Her And Everything Else podcast, the actress recounted instances where individuals, young enough to be her children, referred to her by her first name.

While acknowledging cultural differences worldwide, she emphasized the influence of cultures and upbringing on people’s greetings. Bello expressed a preference for being addressed as “Ma’am” rather than by her first name.

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The seasoned actress emphasized that earning the right to address her by her first name is crucial, a privilege she believes younger individuals have not acquired. She elaborated on how she handles situations where people use her first name without permission.

Furthermore, Shaffy Bello revealed her aversion to the casual greeting of ‘Hi’ accompanied by a wave, describing how this particular form of greeting greatly annoys her.

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