You snubbed your ancestors, not me: James Brown slams Bobrisky for snubbing him at event

You snubbed your ancestors, not me: James Brown slams Bobrisky for snubbing him at event |

Controversial Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has opened fire on his senior colleague in the crossdressing business for failing to acknowledge his greeting at an event.

Recall that had reported that Bobrisky, along with James Brown and popular influencer Papaya Ex had gotten into a row at a recent event in which their convergence in one location after months of online beefing almost erupted into a fight.

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In the trending video, James Brown, who styles himself the Princess of Africa, was seen dancing with Papaya close to where Bobrisky was seated.

The latter, who apparently was not comfortable with them dancing so close to him, soon flared up, and could be seen gesticulating with his hands that there was enough space at the venue, so they shouldn’t come in his direction.

Amid his outburst, James Brown knelt down before Bobrisky to presumably greet or apologize to him for the disturbance, but Bobrisky wasn’t having it at all and fired back at him.

Watch the trending clip below:


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The scene eventually devolved and almost got physical, as Bobrisky even hurled a bottle at Papaya Ex’s head, then later went online to threaten that he would have beaten her had it not been for the fifteen people that held him back.

After the party, James Brown, in a video shared on his social media page, knocked Bobrisky for snubbing him after he greeted him at the party.

He claimed Bobrisky is a hypocrite for refusing to associate with him physically but congratulated him online when he acquired a Range Rover celebrity. He added that Bobrisky snubbed his ancestors, not him.

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Watch James’ clips below:



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