‘You really fall mumsi hand’: Bini woman scolds daughter for missing chance to become Rema’s wife

‘You really fall mumsi hand': Bini woman scolds daughter for missing chance to become Rema’s wife 1

A Nigerian mother has reprimanded her daughter for not seizing the opportunity to approach popular singer, Rema when she saw him, possibly to become his girlfriend or wife.

Her reaction came to the fore in a video titled: “Your mum heard that you met Rema in Benin and did nothing.”

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The video shows the face of the young lady, followed by a WhatsApp voice note of her mother reacting to her chance encounter with Rema.

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Her mother could be heard saying: “Babe, I heard you saw Rema and froze. Rema whom you’ve been searching for. You saw him and didn’t go to meet him and show him the picture you took together, so he’d say, ‘Where was this?”

“So he’d say, ‘I know this girl, let me take her and make her my girlfriend or wife,’ but you froze. I’m angry with you.”

The Nigerian mother’s statement gained traction on social media, prompting many people to share their thoughts in the comments section after it was posted online.

See the video below:


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Netizens react:

@I.Jeoma??? Ok!!: “Benin mothers too like relationship matters.”

@Favour Nichole: “You don really fall Mumsi hand 😂😂😂😭why you go froze na??”

@Big K: “Why u go froze iye nor mind am she nor want comot for ur house.”

@sha_sha: “Why will you make mommy angry nah ,why you self froze.”

@Pintos mama yo: “If na me see rema we don marry be that.”

@zuesmane: “My wife or my girlfriend😂, if ma destiny for Una area she no go advice you that kind advice sha.”

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