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‘You no dey greet’: Nigerian man abroad blasts fellow countryman for refusing to respond to his greetings

Nigerian man in Ireland seen shouting at fellow Nigerian for not responding to his greetings

A Nigerian man residing in Ireland was seen challenging a fellow Nigerian for refusing to respond to his greetings.

The man whose name was not given was caught on tape ranting and raving at the man recording.

He immediately changed his tone as soon as he realised the other man was recording.

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In a friendlier tone, he told the man he didn’t mean to flare up at him, but was worried folks around weren’t responding to his salutations.

Seeking to engage the man further, he asked to know where the man was from since he was also black, but after he found out the other man was also Nigerian, he blew up again.

Nigerian lady begs for alms to survive in the UK

A Nigerian lady identified as Adetemi documented her struggles while in the UK, emphasizing that life abroad is not what it seems.

The young lady shared a video via her TikTok page @adeife2222 where she spoke about her struggles while sitting in a public place. She said that not all people living abroad are having a good life like many would want others to believe.

She narrated that she had been out on the streets begging while hoping that she would have someone offer her a job. In the video, she said:

“I’m trying to beg for money to survive. I have not been able to get a job up till now…Where I am begging now, it is possible I see somebody that could link me up with a job…I’ve submitted CVs already to the appropriate places.”

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The lady said that she was making the video so that others could see that living abroad isn’t how people paint it. She said that if she wasn’t out begging, she wouldn’t see the food to eat.

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