‘You cannot break me’ – Nigerian man denied access to gym in UK cries out

'You cannot break me' - Nigerian man denied access to gym in UK cries out 1

A Nigerian man has expressed his dissatisfaction after he was refused entry to a gym in the UK, claiming that it was a deprivation of his rights.

The footage of the man has surfaced online, where he was expressing his dissatisfaction over being barred from the gym.

He was heard lamenting to the caucasian manager at the gym how he had been prevented from using the facility.

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The man explained that he pays 29 pounds per month for gym access, but one morning received a call from the manager telling him he was no longer welcome there without an explanation.

He declared that his spirit would not be broken, no matter what they did.

Referring to the manager, he said; “You cannot break me, you know why? I have God. I serve a living God” You are just denying me, my human, right here. You are telling me you cannot serve for no reason. I’ve done nothing wrong”.

A woman who appeared interested and possibly affected by the action of the gym was also heard speaking in the background.

“They banned you from the gym as well. That means there’s a reason”, she said.

Her persistent interruptions soon got to the man and he walked off.

See the video below

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