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‘Yansh’ is key to getting anything you want – Blessing CEO sparks reactions

'Yansh' is an attraction to getting anything you want - Blessing CEO sparks reactions

Controversial Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing CEO, has stirred discussions on social media with her recent Instagram post.

In the post, she shared a picture of herself along with a caption expressing her perspective on women’s physical attributes, specifically their buttocks.

Blessing CEO emphasized that while having a big bum is not an achievement or a representation of confidence, it can be influential in achieving one’s desires if combined with intelligence. She suggested that men are drawn to women with prominent buttocks despite any contrary statements they might make online. Blessing CEO advised women to possess both physical attributes and intelligence, asserting that having a large bum combined with a sense of purpose can lead to success.

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“Yansh is not an achievement or confidence. But it’s an attraction to getting anything you want if you have brains . Forget the noise men love yansh , smart women will use it to attract them and get anything from them. Remember what they say they want in public is not what they want in private . Have yansh but have sense and everything will work together for your good . Women is ok to have yansh but don’t put pressure on yourself, just make money and every other thing shall be addded on to u . Forget men they are just noise makers in public, in private yansh humble them ❤️.” She said.

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See the post below:

See reactions below:

@odunayo_pop: “Ble ble .. watin u Dey advice d youth with ur caption .. Na wa oo .. I just pity people wey look up to u .. so u saying we wey no do yansh can’t get anything we want in this life 😂😂 Dey play 😂😂 Regina Daniel no do yansh and she Dey places wey u no fit think say u go reach in d next 5 yrs 😂🤣🤣🤣🥲.”

@merveille699: “Now that I have the yansh and I no see money does that mean I don’t have sense?! I’m don’t understand oo.”

@val_de_oliveira1: “Na YNASH be life oh, we value YNASH more then anything in a woman Nowadays oh because we dey see the YNASH before character oh. I go lie for you again 😂😁🤪.”

@jamesnoah2: “You are telling them that when girls have Yansh she can do runs , that is what you trying to say , you are telling girls to do runs okay .”

@diggyupdate: “Blessings and Toke are my best female Instagram dressers.”

@official_easylife_: “Exactly you are right, so many men love yansh but not fake yansh.”

@hendricksmercy: “@officialbblessingceo my ble baby, me I get nyash oo, I get brain oo but I no see them abi because of my background ni? Abeg tell me what to do even in private 😂😂😂. Love you babe.”

@i_am_nadine_paris: “My husband don give me 2M say make I hustle another add go do my nyash, my sweetheart too love nyash 😩.”

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