Woman sends lover away as runaway husband returns home after 17 years

Woman sends lover away as runaway husband returns home after 17 years 1

Agripina Mulupi, a Kenyan woman, has welcomed her husband back into her life 17 years after he vanished from their community of Lurambi.

He reportedly left Lurambi, Kakamega County, in 2006, and she assumed he was dead because he did not return, so she moved on and fell in love with someone else who has been caring for her and her three children.

However, their relationship saw an unexpected turn when her children’s father, 42-year-old Boniface Moi Muyeshi, unexpectedly appeared after almost two decades.

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Locals in Emukoyani, Butsotso Ward, burst out singing and dancing to celebrate his return. The family welcomed their son in customary fashion, slaughtering a ram in celebration.

A prayer session was said to have preceded the cleaning process, after which the prodigal son was reconciled with his family.

“He left home in 2006 for Nairobi. He abandoned his family, never to be seen again,” a local stated.

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Boniface was hoping to see his wife, but he was disappointed to hear that she had a child with another man. Mulupi, on the other hand, stated that after her husband’s return, she would have to stop her current relationship and remarry him.

“We suspected he died during the post-election skirmishes in 2007/2008,” his relative Fredrick Witumbele stated.

Mulupi claims she had a difficult time parenting their three children, which is why she settled down with someone else, but the recent discovery has caused her to reconsider her decision.

“I married someone else because I couldn’t raise these children on my own. Because the man of the house had returned, I had to send my current sweetheart away. We’ll figure out how to co-parent,” she continued.

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