‘Woman is wired to collect’ – Pastor asks men to leave women they can’t afford alone

'Woman is wired to collect' – Pastor asks men to leave women they can't afford alone 1

Controversial Nigerian Pastor Emmanuel Okose, also known as Soul E, has encouraged men to leave a woman alone if they are unable to meet her demands.

He revealed this in a video uploaded on his social media profiles on Monday.

According to him, women are not created to work and provide for their personal needs, but they are driven to work due to their partners’ financial uncertainty.

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He stated that he has travelled to 56 countries and has learned that women do not want to work but rather want to be cared for by their men.

Furthermore, he added that no matter how wealthy a woman is, she still desires a man’s money.

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Emmanuel went on to tell men that if they can’t cater for a woman’s desires, they should look for a lady in their financial class instead.

Watch him speak in the video below

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