Woman builds house in Nigeria with two-year salary from Saudi Arabia

Woman builds house in Nigeria with two-year salary from Saudi Arabia 1

A woman who travelled abroad in a quest for a better life has returned home to build a house, with a video of her nearly finished bungalow eliciting tremendous reactions online.

TikTok user @charizonempire5 took to the platform to praise her project.

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She said that the woman had travelled to Saudi Arabia and worked for two years.

During that time, she had saved her entire salary and used it to build a nice house for herself.

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In a video she published online, she raises her hands in gratitude to God for blessing her enough to build a house.

See the video below:


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Netizens react:

@Nicky Tapkoh Bates NTB: “Then how will you finish it now that you are in your country in addition no standing business so you may end up selling the whole plots and the house.”

@Dantez Alvez: “I may not your plans, but you could have a generating income project first.”

@cassimramadhan831: “Madam don’t be discouraged with other people that just like to stay in rentals, this is a step, congratulations.”

@Eshiatu Kamara: “It’s not possible my sister, as for the house it needs another two years so it will complete.”

@Gilbow: “My advice to all of you who come abroad to work is that u come to look for capital wait building a house coz also that house needs another money.”

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