Wife flogs husband’s side chick mercilessly, strips her naked

Wife flogs husband's side chick mercilessly, strips her naked |

A viral video has captured the moment a wife assaulted her husband’s side chick after catching them together. 

The video, which was posted on Twitter by the news blog @YabaLeftOnline, showed the side chick clad in just her underwear when the woman confronted her for having an affair with her husband.

Although it is unclear if the woman caught her husband with the side chic in their marital home, she’s seen whipping the other woman mercilessly with a cane.

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The side chick fled to the bathroom in panic and crouched to hide from the thrashing. However, the wife, who was determined to beat the living daylights out of her, pursued her and kept using the cane on her.

A man’s voice, presumed to be the unfaithful husband’s, could be heard in the background appealing to the wife.

Towards the end of the video, the woman stripped the lady naked before ordering her to leave the premises.

View the video below:

Man catches heavily pregnant wife sleeping with ‘Pastor’ with fetish items scattered around

Infidelity seems to be the new order of the day, as a man recently caught his heavily pregnant wife in bed with another man in his matrimonial home.

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The man bumped into his naked wife in a compromising position on the bed with the man also naked with lighted candles scattered all over the room.

Although he wasn’t seen, the obviously shocked and disgusted husband captured the heartbreaking scene in a video circulating online.

Speaking with pain in his voice, the man asked the woman why she engaged in the act while he recorded the moment.

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