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Why I don’t condemn men with multiple wives – Pete Edochie

Why I don’t condemn men with multiple wives – Pete Edochie 1

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has revealed that taking a second wife is a decision he will never make.

During an interview with Chude, Pete Edochie was asked about his resolve not to have a second wife.

He replied that he didn’t need another wife because his existing wife had already given him five sons. While he did not see the need for polygamy, he maintained that he would not condemn it because people make their own decisions.

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The actor also shared a story about a man whose wife denied him sex, causing him to marry a second wife as an example.

Pete Edochie also offered a touching story about his parent’s relationship. He stated that because he never saw his father mistreat his mother, he did not imbibe any nasty tendencies from him. He, on the other hand, grew up respecting and enjoying women.

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“The people who take second wives know best why they take second wives. I don’t have any need for a second wife. For me, I mean I have a wife who has given me five sons, what am I going to look for a second wife for? No it’s not necessary. I will not condemn polygamy, no, because people have their reasons for what they do, right. I know a man who has one wife and she is a very proud woman and she just keeps denying him sex you know, and so he went out, saw a pretty girl who sells petrol, fell in love with her or confessed love to her and went to her father, paid the bride price. Rented an apartment for her and she was making babies for him and then the wife kept preventing him from getting intimate with her and all that.

“One day, the man just left the house, came back with this woman and 3 sons, ‘This is my second wife o, so you have to cope with it.’ My wife just came in now, she’s a lawyer. I have lived with this woman for the past 53 years. Nobody has ever come in here to say ‘oh please Pete stop beating her, you will kill her’. No, why? I never saw my father beat my mother so I cannot say I learnt from my father how to beat mama, No, I did not. I love women a great deal and I respect them. If I see any young man beating up a woman, oh my God . You know, I just think you don’t qualify to be a man.”

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