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Why having business mindset is more important than education – Man reveals, netizens react

Why having business mindset is more important than education - Man reveals, netizens react

A Nigerian man, @official_gegeh on TikTok, has shared why he thinks learning a skill and going to school (acquiring formal education) are not as important as people think they are.

According to him, he believes that both learning a skill and attending school are forms of education and should be valued equally. However, he emphasized the importance of developing a business mindset.

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@official_gegeh expressed his belief that regardless of whether one pursues formal education or learns a skill, acquiring a business education is essential for achieving success in any field. To illustrate his point, he referred to a scenario where an individual spent four years learning fashion design but failed in their business due to a lack of business knowledge. He further highlighted the plight of Nigerian graduates who are unable to secure jobs because they lack the entrepreneurial mindset required to show off and market their academic qualifications.

In summary, @official_gegeh asserted that cultivating a business mindset is crucial for success, regardless of whether one is a graduate with a formal education or an individual with acquired skills.

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Watch the video below:

@official_gegeh Replying to @_blesha_ ♬ original sound – GehGeh

See reactions below:

@johnsonkelly: “School is the best okay.”

@mhiztereddie: “Na today I know say u no get sense. You no fit compare business and handwork together. Handwork is more better.”

@hamiltonosas: “my people nothing is compared to handwork handwork is the best provided you know what you are doing…with your hand work you can work anywhere.”

@hilton.ca2: “It depends on the kind of work.”

@debbygal5: “Just pray make God bless the work of ur hands. It’s advisable to do everything if u are opportuned, bcoz opportunity can come from anywhere.”

@buffalochristian: “Handwork or business, you’re very much on track of you can solve the problem of getting sales.”

@tuneboy1: “Oga it depends on the type of work and location.”

@aleafeah: “You’re very right. Business is ruling the world today.”

@wilsonchidi: “Even after learning business you also need strategy to make the business successful. While learning also learn the secrets of that business.”

@artmanazany1: “If you have the knowledge, u can start from somewhere. U can work with an established firm before you raise funds to start ur own.”

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