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Who is the ‘acting CEO of Google?’

Who is the 'acting CEO of Google?'

The “acting CEO of Google” is a phrase that has caught the attention of people. Many people have been wondering if the position exists. Because the name Nate Higgers has been trending, people want to know why and how he managed to become the supposed acting CEO of Google. Some people have even asked why Google will need to have an acting CEO and how come it was not made public.

For a company as global as Google, the Nate Higgers meme has been connected to it. Many are asking, is that the real name of the acting CEO of Google? So, here you will get to find out who the Acting CEO of Google is and why it has been trending for months now.


Nate Higgers meme

Who is the ‘acting CEO of Google?’

As long as you have a smartphone, you must have not just heard about it, but also used the famous search engine, Google. According to Statista, Google is the most frequently used search engine in the world. With the level of information it dishes out, it is no surprise that it holds this position.

Founded on September 4, 1998, by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google has since become the ‘go-to guy’ for information and facts. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the first Chief Executives of Google before they hired Eric Emerson Schmidt in 2001.

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An acting CEO is an individual that is appointed for a defined period to oversee a company and/or firm. An acting CEO can be appointed for several reasons based on company events and needs. Currently, Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sundar Pichai, is the current CEO of Google. He became the CEO of the company in August 2015 when Google was reorganised into having Alphabet as its parent company.

With this knowledge of a current CEO in place, many have wondered if there has ever been an “acting CEO of Google”. Well, the answer is no, but why is the acting CEO of Google that has been trending? Nate Higger, the “acting CEO of Google”, has been trending according to an online joke. He is an unidentified person who seems to be using the name Nate Higgers and posing as the acting Chief Executive of the technology firm.

Back in March 2022, according to The Guardian, a lawsuit was filed against Google accusing the company of systemic racial bias against Black employees. It was stated that Black people comprised just 4.4 per cent of the employees in the company, with the larger sect being white people. Google was also accused of putting black employees in lower positions and denying them opportunities to advance because of their race.

The report stated:

According to a complaint seeking class-action status, Google maintains a “racially biased corporate culture” that favors white men, where Black people comprise only 4.4% of employees and about 3% of leadership and its technology workforce.

This will not be the first time Google is being accused of discriminating against blacks. Hence, the title Hate Niggers. As popular as the American multinational technology company might be, it can be said to be a ‘white company’. So, besides how things easily trend on social media, the above added to why people jumped on the trend of the acting CEO of Google with the picture of a white man.

In reality, both the name Nate Higger and the job of acting CEO of Google are not real. Towards the end of 2022, when this phrase started trending, whenever a person types in the “acting CEO of Google” online, a LinkedIn page with Nate Higgers of the New York City Metropolitan Area appears. Since then, the account has not just been popular on social media but is also well-liked. To date, there is no person attached to the name Nate Higgers because it is not a real person. The operator(s) of the account keeps switching the picture on the account based on what they are trying to say.

However, the account seems to no longer be functional currently.

Nate Higgers account on Facebook

Why is the acting CEO of Google trending?

If you are part of the people wondering why the acting CEO of Google is trending, well here is why: Attached to the name Nate Higgers, which was developed from ‘Hate Niggers’, many people have been searching online for who the acting CEO of Google is. This has put many in a state of confusion because there has never been an acting CEO of Google.

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In fact, according to The Guardian, Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Brin Sergey stepped down from their positions in 2019 to allow Sundar Pichai to manage both Google and its parent company, Alphabet. Whoever the Chief Executive Officer of Google has been had always been common knowledge. So, people were shocked to see and hear of an acting CEO of Google.

The more the fictional position caught the attention of many, the more the profile account of the “acting CEO of Google” became well-known and liked by many. On platforms like Twitter and Reddit, the fictional character elicited several reactions from people. Some people found it humorous because it was a joke, while others found it offensive, considering the damage such information can cause a company. 

Acting CEO of Google meme

The acting CEO of Google meme has over time become popular and is frequently used on Twitter and Reddit. In this age of technology, it is amazing how people can bring out different meanings, and scenarios, from a phrase or picture.

In this case, the Nate Higgers meme and acting CEO of Google meme has been used by many to fit different situations. The meme creation is one of the many reasons why this phrase is very popular. This meme has received hundreds and thousands of likes, retweets and shares. As memes, many people have used this phrase to react to different situations over time.

Before the advent of social media, situations like this never existed but since the emergence of social media, anything can be a trend. The fact that someone even thought of creating an account posing as the acting CEO of Google was bound to go viral. The funny thing about social media is that it does not have to make sense or be real for it to become a trend. As long as hundreds of people are sharing it, liking it or retweeting it, it will become a trend.

Hence, more searches, more likes and more shares. Irrespective of how the acting CEO of Google meme has gone viral, Google is yet to make a statement on it.

Nate Higgers on Youtube
Considering the way Nate Higgers and the acting CEO of Google went viral, it just goes to show the power of social media. Google has become a name that everyone is familiar with and any news attached to it or related to it will always be news to the world.

As long complaints of how Google employs fewer black people compared to white people continue to come up, the technology company will always be connected to the phrase, Nate Higgers. 

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