Pauly Unstoppable: Trans woman who can’t stop getting tattoos, modifying his body

Pauly Unstoppable: Trans woman who can't stop getting tattoos, modifying his body

At the forefront of pushing boundaries and redefining human body modification stands none other than Farrah Flawless, formerly known as Pauly Unstoppable. He has previously been referred to as the “world’s most modified man“.

From jaw-dropping alterations to mind-boggling enhancements, he first gained popularity on the Internet after his photo became a funny viral meme. The meme, which went viral on Facebook, had a photo of Farrah with a caption that read: “Can’t find a job, blames the government.”

Pauly Unstoppable meme

With an astonishing number of surgical procedures done on him, Pauly is quite an unusual sight to behold. This article is your gateway to understanding the journey of Pauly Unstoppable and his transition into a new identity.

Pauly Unstoppable biography

Pauly Unstoppable is a renowned Canadian-American public figure born on July 18, 1985. He is widely known for his groundbreaking body modification techniques and unique styles. He has gained global recognition for being one of the most extensively modified individuals in the world, sporting a wide range of enhancements on his body.

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Among his extreme modifications are implants, numerous brandings, scarification, tattoos (including those on his eyeball and penis), nullification, piercings and a split tongue. Unstoppable is largely referred to as the “king of extreme body modification” and his transformations have left many stunned. Notably, he holds the record of being the first person ever to have their eyeball tattooed.

Despite his bizarre appearance, Unstoppable’s journey has not been solely about body modification. The name “Unstoppable” is not just a reference to his extensive changes but also to his luck and resilience. He has reportedly survived accidents, including being stabbed, shot and even set on fire.

Pauly Unstoppable

Originally from Canada and currently residing in Indiana, in the United States of America, Unstoppable has lived in the U.S. for several years. In the aspect of religion, Unstoppable is openly a Satanist, as his official TikTok page claims.

Pauly Unstoppable as Farrah Flawless

Pauly Unstoppable as Farrah Flawless
Source: Instagram/@farrahfuckingflawless

Over the years, Unstoppable went through a change of identification. He underwent gender reassignment and came out as a woman under the name Farrah Flawless. In some recent videos after his gender transition, Pauly Unstoppable expressed that he no longer wishes to be referred to as “Pauly Unstoppable”.

In response to a fan who mentioned missing the old Pauly, Unstoppable shared a video clarifying his preference. He asked people to stop using his previous name, which he referred to as his “dead name” as he considers the name “Pauly” to be no longer valid or representative of his identity.

@thefarrahflawless Replying to @username75432234578 ♬ original sound – Farrah Flawless

Unstoppable has a mammoth following on TikTok, where he connects with fans and offers glimpses into his daily life, body modification journey and tattoos. As of July 2023, his official TikTok account has 1.1 million followers and he has received a total of 17.1 million likes on the platform.

Pauly Unstoppable career

Professionally, Unstoppable has been involved in various endeavours. He worked as a salesperson at Spencer’s Gift Store, a well-known American franchise. Additionally, he once worked as a hairdresser. Despite his ordinary background, he has achieved a level of celebrity naturally.

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In a YouTube video uploaded by Modification Nation in 2016, Unstoppable revealed that he also works a retail job as a manager, which may come as a surprise given his unique appearance. Moreover, he identified himself as a performance artist, engaging in drag costume performances at adult bars. Specifically, he described himself as Santa Cruz’s premier “Bloodlet Ritual Drag Queen”.

Pauly Unstoppable body modifications

Pauly Unstoppable body modifications

Pauly Unstoppable’s entry into the art of body modification commenced customarily, with basic tattoos and piercings. Nevertheless, as he delved further into the world of bizarre body art, he became increasingly captivated by the idea of surpassing the regular modifications.

In an interview video on YouTube, Pauly Pauly Unstoppable revealed that he got his first ear piercing at age seven, and began stretching them when he was about 10 years of age. This led him to try out more extreme procedures.

Pauly decided to reconstruct his impressively large stretched earlobes, reducing them from over three inches in diameter to a more standard shape. He has also discontinued the stretching of his nostril piercings, which had reportedly reached almost an inch and a half in size. Despite these changes, he remains easily recognisable in public and is often approached for photographs or autographs.

See the following parts of the body that Pauly Unstoppable has modified:

Implants: Pauly Unstoppable has undergone various procedures involving the insertion of small objects under the skin, such as horns and spikes.

Brandings and scarification: Pushing the boundaries even further, Unstoppable opted for branding and scarification, two forms of body modification that involve deliberate burning or cutting of the skin to create permanent designs.

Eyeball tattoo: One of the most striking and controversial modifications Unstoppable has undergone is the tattooing of his eyeball. This daring procedure involves injecting ink directly into the eyeball’s surface to alter its appearance. It is an extreme and highly risky practice, making Pauly one of the very few individuals worldwide to have ventured into this territory.

Nullification and tongue splitting: Unstoppable’s journey towards self-expression led him to explore nullification procedures, which involve removing certain body parts, such as the navel or nipples, to create a unique aesthetic. Additionally, he opted for tongue splitting, a process that involves cutting the tongue in half to achieve a bifurcated, snake-like appearance.

Recently, Unstoppable decided to remove his massive face tattoo that extended from his nose to his mouth and cheekbones. He shared the removal process on his TikTok page, and there was also a special interview on YouTube focused on tattoo removal and his journey through modification. He also has lip fillers giving him a full and pouty-looking lip structure

Unstoppable’s fearless approach to body modification has sparked discussions and debates about the nature of self-expression and individuality. Critics argue that such extreme modifications may be dangerous, irreversible and could lead to medical complications.

Pauly Unstoppable’s net worth

As of the time of writing this piece, Unstoppable has not shared information concerning his net worth or earnings.

Pauly Unstoppable family

Unstoppable has chosen to keep his familial background private and has not shared this aspect of his life with the public. As a result, there is limited information available about the names of his family members.

Pauly Unstoppable age

Unstoppable was born in July 1985. He is 38 years old as of the time of writing this piece.

Pauly Unstoppable Instagram

Unstoppable has quite a presence on Instagram, where she shares images and videos of himself. He has a total of 17,100 followers and has shared over a thousand posts so far.

His Instagram handle is @farrahfuckingflawless.

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