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Hunter Toh: ‘The Owl House’ character whose growth redefined course of the series

Hunter Toh: 'The Owl House' character whose growth redefined course of the series

Hunter Toh moved from being hated to being praised and loved by fans. Even though his character was not central from the start of “The Owl House” series, fans had the pleasure of watching him move from ignorance to self-awareness and then self-acceptance.

It is not every day an animated character captures the attention of fans but Hunter Toh proved to be different and, today, everyone is raving about him.


Who is Hunter Toh?

Who is Hunter Toh?

Hunter Toh, also known as the “Golden Guard”, is a character in the fantasy animated series, The Owl House. The Owl House is a television show that first aired on January 10, 2020, on Disney Channel. It is an animated fantasy series created by Dana Terrace.

Before the series even premiered, Disney Channel renewed it for a second season on November 21, 2019. The second season started airing on June 12, 2021. On May 17, 2021, the series was renewed for a third season. However, Terrace stated that the third season will be the final season of the show.

The series came to an end on April 8, 2023, with a special episode – Watching and Dreaming – which lasted for 55 minutes. The final rerun of the special aired the following day marked the end of regular reruns on Disney Channel. However, the series continues to be shown regularly on Disney XD.

Physically, Hunter Toh is a young “witch” with blonde hair. The tip of his hair got burnt by “Kikimora”. He has magenta eyes and pointy ears. There is a noticeable scar on his right cheek.

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When Toh was in the human realm, “Willow” cut his hair and made his bangs short. When “Belos” possessed him, parts of Toh’s skin turned basil-green. His left ear and face were affected too. His arms also changed and looked like the corrupted form of “Belos”.

Hunter Toh folded arms
He got blue eyes and horns that looked like antlers. His hair grew longer and his forelock bang came back. After “Flapjack” sacrificed himself to heal Toh, he got scars on the areas that “Belos” had corrupted. His eyes turned brown.

In the epilogue, Toh’s hair grew a bit longer. He does not have bags under his eyes anymore. He got a red tattoo of a cardinal on his right arm. It covers the place where his coven sigil used to be. The tattoo symbolises the loss of “Flapjack”.

During his time in the Emperor’s court, Hunter Toh wore an ivory hooded cloak with a golden triangle clasp, like other members of the Emperor’s Coven. He had a golden-yellow tunic with dark sleeves, a dark brown belt, black leggings, dark brown gloves, and boots.

He wore a golden pauldron on his left shoulder and a pointed mask with a thin slot. Underneath, he had a grey shirt and golden chest armour with brown straps.

In Eclipse Lake, he wore a standard Coven Scout uniform while visiting the Knee.

In Any Sport in a Storm, Toh disguised himself as a Hexside student. He wore a grey uniform with a dark grey belt, cowl, and boots. His sleeves and leggings were yellow to show his affiliation with potions. His Golden Guard tunic could be seen under his uniform, especially at the collar. He also wore red socks that resembled Flapjack.

While hiding from the Emperor’s Coven, Toh wore his sports uniform along with a tattered and dirty blue cloak with red patches.

After joining the resistance, he wore a pale rose-coloured undershirt covered by a light brown shirt with a cross-stitch in the centre. He also had a brown belt bag. He kept the same gloves, leggings, and boots from his Golden Guard uniform.

During his time in the Human Realm, Toh typically wore short-sleeved button-down shirts, khaki shorts, no-show socks, and white Crocs. In late October, he often wore a yellow sweater with a left breast pocket and either blue jeans with blue and red patches on the knees or blue pyjama pants with a watermelon pattern. He wore white or purple socks and red sneakers or Crocs.

During the Haunted Hayride, Toh dressed as “Chief O’Bailey” from Cosmic Frontier. He wore a black and yellow long-sleeved shirt with a planet symbol, a utility belt, black pants with yellow edges, white socks, black and dark yellow shoes, and a robotic eye attachment.

But after being possessed by “Belos” and returning to the demon realm, he removed the robotic eye, tied the shirt around his waist, and revealed a black wolf t-shirt underneath.

In the epilogue episode, Watching and Dreaming, Toh wore a dark blue collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves, grey pants, an orange apron, and red sneakers with yellow lighting patterns. 

At first, Hunter Toh was an enemy of the main characters. He worked for “Emperor Belos” and was in charge of the Emperor’s Coven. People thought he was related to “Belos” but he was a clone made by “Belos”. His purpose was to help “Belos” get rid of all wild magic.

As the leader of the Emperor’s Coven, Toh was against the residents of the Owl House. However, he had a change of heart after meeting “Luz ” and a special creature named “Flapjack”. “Flapjack” chose Toh as his partner, and this made Toh see things differently. He discovered the truth about his origins and realised he could never go back. 

So, he left “Belos” and the Emperor’s Coven. Toh went to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics to hide from “Belos”. He made friends with the students there and decided to help them fight against the “Belos” plan. After a big event called the Day of Unity, Toh and his friends were stuck in the human realm. They worked hard to return to the demon realm. During this time, “Belos” came back and possessed Toh, hurting “Flapjack”.

This made Toh stand up against “Belos”, but he got hurt too. “Flapjack” sacrificed himself to save Hunter. To honour “Flapjack”, Hunter went with his friends to the demon realm to rescue everyone trapped by the Collector. After escaping, Toh helped evacuate the people when the Boiling Isles was destroyed. “Belos” was defeated and Toh stayed behind to help rebuild the Boiling Isles.

Four years later, Toh became skilled at carving palismans. He had a palisman named “Waffles”, who was a blue jay. He stayed close to his friends and built a memorial for “Flapjack” to remember him.

Hunter Toh origin

Hunter Toh origin

Hunter Toh’s origin can be traced back to the creative and evil desire of “Emperor Belos”. Toh is a clone called a grim Walker. These clones are made to be the Golden Guard and help “Emperor Belos”.

“Belos” wants to make the Day of Unity happen. He told Toh that he is his uncle and that their family was wiped out by wild magic.

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“Belos” said that he has important plans for Toh. Toh did not know that the other guards rebelled or that he was a clone. He was raised to think he was a witch but he could not do any magic. His family was powerless, according to the lies told to him by “Belos”.

Toh was trained as a scout from a young age. He lived a sheltered life and spent most of his time training and studying. He was not allowed to train with the other scouts but he could go on missions outside the Emperor’s Castle on weekdays. 

When Toh grew up, he became a Golden Guard and received a staff with artificial magic as part of his promotion. From then on, he worked closely with the Emperor as his right-hand man. He was often seen standing next to the Emperor’s throne during lectures. When he left the Emperor’s Coven, Toh took over as the leader. He was also assigned to keep an eye on the Owl House and its residents.

Hunter Toh powers


Hunter Toh can use magic with his staff and special symbols called glyphs. He cannot use magic like other witches because he is a Grimwalker, but he got some of “Flapjack’s” magic after the latter sacrificed himself. Now Toh can do things like teleport using “Flapjack’s” abilities.

Hunter Toh powers


Hunter Toh can teleport by using his special staff or with the help of “Flapjack”. But when “Flapjack” sacrificed himself, Hunter got some of “Flapjack’s” magic and can now teleport like him.

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