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Where were you when the twins were lifeless: Mother of Twinzlove fires back at their father

Twinzlove mum fires back at her husband |

The mother of famous social media content creator, Twinzlove has fired back at her estranged husband after he accused her of living a wayward life.

Twinzlove’s mother, Mrs Ojo Adeyinka Oladimeji, also known as Princess Adeyinka, reacted to the allegations of cheating that were levelled against her by the girls’ father.

In an interview on BBC, Princess Adeyinka revealed that she suffered so much with the twins and that her hands got damaged by the chemical used in washing clothes for 9 years.

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According to her, she endured many embarrassing moments, including being disgraced by the whole street after she refused the advances of her landlord, whom she owed rent.

Also, on several occasions, she stood at UCH gate to beg passersby for money so she could buy drugs for the twins.

Mrs Adeyinka has warned people to stop asking her twins to return to their father, threatening to curse anyone who does so.

She said,

“Where were you when my children were lifeless at UCH that I had to lose my job because of that? Where were you then? Did you come to support me? “I didn’t want to talk because I’m someone that is emotional. I might not be able to finish this video. I will stay at the gate with list of drugs to beg people about my children’s treatment.

If I am an irresponsible mother, will I stand still to survive with those children? A landlord even tried to sleep with me because I didn’t pay for rent. I didn’t agree. This man had to tell his wife that I’m the one forcing myself on him.

They called the whole street to insult me and send me out. Were you there? When they see success, they start coming. If I say I don’t have a family, nobody can challenge me. When I gave birth to twins, my family neglected me because I don’t have money to give them.

Nobody should ask my children again about their father. If anybody do, I will rain curse on that person. I don’t sell my body, and I don’t pocknose. My hand got bad because of the chemical I used in washing for good 9 years. Where were you then?”

Recall that the twin’s father had accused Princess Adeyinka of infidelity and alleged that she got pregnant for another man.

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Mother Of Twinzlove Left Emotional As They Surprise Her With Brand New Car

Meanwhile, Twinzlove melted the hearts of many people with their recent beautiful gesture to their amazing mum.

The woman was left shedding tears of joy after her girls surprised her with a new car.

According to Twinzlove, their mum has been instrumental in their success, and the car is a perfect way to thank her.

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