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When you cheat don’t confess – Relationship coach Blessing Okoro

If you cheat, don't confess - Blessing Okoro

Popular relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has come up with an advice for her followers, especially ladies, urging them not to confess when they cheat.

The influencer and entrepreneur said there was no need to confess whenever one cheats, especially if the person wasn’t caught.

The relationship coach said people should only confess when caught and that anyone who cheats should forgive himself and move on.

According to her, confessing to cheating when you’ve not been caught is like shooting yourself in the foot because your partner would judge you.

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Blessing Okoro added that those who confess to cheating should not expect their partners to understand with them because they are humans and would likely use such information against them.

According to Blessing, confession would not change anything, stressing that your partner is not Jesus Christ and urged people, especially busy body women, to learn to shut up.

She said,

“Coming to cheating, a lot of you think that when you confess to your spouses that they’ll love you, they’ll forgive you. They would judge you because they’re human. The guilt that comes when you cheat simply means you’re human. It means you have a conscience and still feel something for them. Confess to God and move on.”

The socialite believes confessing to your spouse would not stop anyone from cheating and that any confession done to act like a good boy or girl is pointless. Instead, she advised people to ask themselves some inner questions and find out why they cheated in the first place.

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She believes God forgives us because he sees our intention, but man cannot, and that’s why it’s difficult for men to forgive cheating.

“If they catch you, you can now confess, but if not, don’t confess. Forgive yourself, and don’t do it again. God forgives us because He sees our intention, but human beings cannot, so it’s difficult for them to forgive. If you confess, they’ll use it against you, especially women,” she added.

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Meanwhile, Twitter influencer, John Doe advised married women not to leave their marriage in haste if their husbands cheat on them.

He said his advice is primarily aimed at African women and pointed out that ladies who don’t want to be married again can ignore his advice.

John Doe stressed that a previously married man can still find a virgin to marry, whereas it’s not the same for a married woman who’s decided to quit her marriage.

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