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WhatsApp announces new ‘Channels’ feature 

WhatsApp announces new 'Channels' feature  1

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced a new ‘Channels’ function.

The feature, similar to Telegram’s ‘Channels’ feature, functions as a one-way broadcast mechanism that allows users to get information from individuals and organisations that interest them, all within the WhatsApp platform.

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Users can view channels depending on the number of followers that are new, most active, and popular.

Meta, owners of the messaging app, is now restricting the capacity to create channels for a small number of people or organisations. However, the firm has stated that it intends to someday allow anyone to start their own channels.

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While a channel’s primary role is one-to-many communication via broadcast messages, it will also allow interactions such as the ability to react with emojis, with the overall reaction count displayed under each message.

Netizens react 

@Simi: “This is why we have Instagram and Facebook. WhatsApp is meant to be a private messaging app. Bringing this feature defeats the entire purpose of WhatsApp.”

@Sami_oamen: “It is awesome, I love free things, hope we don’t get charged for using these new WhatsApp features soon in Nigeria.”

@Thou: “That’s fantastic! A small suggestion: could you add a separate tab to organize the stories better? Also, introducing a monetization option would be a great addition for content creators. Can’t wait to update and explore! 🌍”

@Hilary:”This feature is boring though.”

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