What I discovered about myself after 4 months in marriage – Nigerian lady

What I discovered about myself after 4 months in marriage - Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady, identified as BHF on Twitter, shared her reflections on the early days of her marriage, shedding light on the valuable life lessons she has gained during the period.

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Her honest and relatable sentiments resonated with many on social media, sparking conversations about the transformative nature of marriage and the self-awareness it can bring.

“In this marriage that I’ve been in for 4 months and some weeks now, I’ve realized that I’m not as patient as I thought, not as kind as I thought. I’m not even as forgiving as I thought. Things dey occur mehnnnnn,” She tweeted.

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See the tweet below:

See the reactions below:

@gloryabahmogbo: “Marriage will show you who you are. You think you are kind and nice and oh so forgiving? That one is easy with outsiders oh. Marriage will show you that you have no patience. But growth is constant and realization means you’re ready to be better.”

@eyebuggy: “What is it about marriage that makes people less patient, less forgiving than they were before? This is something that I struggle to understand.”

@Iamkolotayo: “My dear sister, they Lord will definitely see you through, teach, guard and guide you through it and we will be here to hear your testimony and He will continue keep your home.”

@menineblakc: “LOL… after 15 days in;ended up just sitting with a blank stare going « idk who I am anymore ». Mariage will test you to the core…”

@Cheztoi3Foods: “You know how many times you’ll tell God to teach you how to be more patient in it . Ain’t easy but gets better.”

@AAdzudzor: “They say nothing prepares you for marriage but marriage. I think someone who has been intentional to be the best they can be will still feel the magnifying glass of marriage on who you really are. More grace to us all, Father God be with us.”

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