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Wet Koala: Viral photo which sparked reactions, transformed into memes

Wet Koala: Viral photo which sparked reactions, transformed into memes

The internet is full of funny and sometimes bizarre information and the world of animal memes is no exception. One of the viral sensations involved a photoshopped image of a scary-looking wet koala with fangs, which gave people nightmares.

While the image has been debunked as a hoax, it still found its way into the internet’s meme culture.

What is a wet koala?

What is a wet koala?

A wet koala refers to a koala that is wet or has come into contact with water. Koalas are native to Australia and are known for their adaptations to a dry climate. They typically spend most of their time on trees and are not strong swimmers. However, they may encounter water during rainfall or when crossing bodies of water.

Koalas have thick fur that helps them regulate their body temperature and provides insulation against both heat and cold. When a koala gets wet, its fur can become heavy and the animal may appear damp or dishevelled. However, koalas have adaptations in their fur that help repel moisture to some extent.

While koalas are not typically aquatic animals, they are capable of swimming, if necessary, such as when they need to cross small streams or escape danger. However, they generally prefer to avoid water and will seek shelter during rain or wet conditions.

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Wet Koala bear

Wet Koala bear

The wet koala bear case came about after several images of a Koala drenched in water surfaced on the internet. One such case was that of a koala that was encountered during a period of heavy rainfall and flooding in 2016. The koala, initially found by a man identified simply as Russell, was in a state of confusion and distress, walking aimlessly due to the high water levels on both sides of the road. Russell stepped in to help the koala, guiding it to safety.

During the encounter, the wet koala bear climbed up a pole but soon realised it was not a suitable refuge. Russell then led the koala to the safety of a tall gum tree with abundant leaves, where it could wait until the floodwaters receded. The rescue of the koala exemplifies compassion and the willingness to assist wildlife in challenging situations.

The viral photo of a wet koala garnered attention on the internet, likely due to people’s unfamiliarity with seeing these typically cute creatures in a wet state. Interestingly, “wet koala” is also a popular search phrase on Google, although the reasons for its popularity remain unknown.

Wet koalas, in contrast to their typically adorable appearance, can be perceived as scary by some. While these animals are generally beloved and admired, their appearance changes when wet, creating a different impression.

Wet Koala scary

Wet Koala scary

The scary wet koala idea was made popular due to a viral photoshopped image of a scary-looking koala. It was later revealed that the photo was a fake, with a Reddit thread claiming that a dog’s jaws had been superimposed onto the image of a koala.

The image depicted a koala with exaggerated fangs, creating a false perception of a frightful creature. However, in reality, wet koalas do not look scary at all, as demonstrated by genuine photographs taken in the wild.

Koalas are a beloved national symbol of Australia’s unique wildlife and are primarily found in the wild along the coastlines of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. They are generally not dangerous unless they feel threatened.

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Unfortunately, koalas face significant challenges and are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN red list of threatened species. The most pressing threat to their populations is habitat loss due to deforestation for various development purposes, including urban, industrial and rural expansion. This loss of habitat has been exacerbated by natural disasters such as bushfires.

A normal-looking koala
A normal-looking koala

According to a year-long inquiry presented to the Australian parliament, the koala population in New South Wales is projected to become extinct before 2050. The devastating bushfires that occurred between 2019 and 2020 resulted in the death of approximately 5,000 koalas and the destruction of a significant portion of their habitat.

Wet koala memes

Ever since the wet koala photos started gaining popularity, they have made their way into the world of social media, particularly in the form of memes. These pictures, often accompanied by funny captions, have become favourites among users on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Take a look at some amusing wet koala memes below.

wet koala water balloon meme


wet koala nightmare meme


wet koala rain outside meme


wet koala before coffee and after coffee meme

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