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Wedding Day drama: Nigerian meat seller takes new wife to market, asks her to cut meat on wedding day

Wedding Day drama: Nigerian meat seller takes new wife to market, asks her to cut meat on wedding day 1

A video has emerged of a newlywed Nigerian lady cutting meat on her wedding day. Social media users have expressed surprise and shock at why a new bride should attempt such a thing on her big day.

In the viral video shared by GossipmillTV on Instagram, the bride did not seem to mind as she was full of smiles when dissected the huge meat in front of her.

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The groom, who appears to be a meat seller, was the one who decided to take his new wife to the market and make her cut meat on their wedding day.

He led her to the market where he usually sells his meat immediately after exchanging marital vows, and his wife looked excited as she attempted to cut the meat.

After cutting the meat, she was seen smiling and displaying some dance moves.

Reactions trail the meat seller and his wife’s video

The video has generated a lot of funny reactions and comments from members of the online community.

@anita_becca001 joked that the bride was already practicing how to sell meat even before getting home.

One user was quite cheeky when he said that it would be bloody if a fight should break out in such a home. Another funny follower, @gem_iniobongefanga, was wondering if he, too, should begin selling meats.

Others in the comments section pointed out that the bride’s makeup was kind of awkward, while one @ trechkid_sog1 said there would be pepper soup every day in this kind of marriage.

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I will never leave you: Woman married to the world’s ugliest man tells husband

In another news, the world’s ugliest man Godfrey Baguma appears to have been comforted in the area of love and marriage as his wife has declared that she can never leave him.

Kate Namanda, the second wife to the world’s ugliest man, stated that those who mocked her decision to be with him 28 years ago are now jealous of her after her husband became famous.

During an interview with Afrimax English, Namanda said that people thought she was out of her mind for choosing to marry such an ugly man despite being a beautiful lady.

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