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5 ways to avoid see finish

5 ways to avoid see finish

Nigerians are talented at many things including creating popular slang. There is always slang for everything. Every year, new slangs keep popping up. See finish is one of them and is widely understood. It is comparatively new in Nigerian pidgin and just like other slang, Nigerian musicians have been inspired to create hit songs from it.

See finish is not a great thing to experience and you will know why later in this article. So if you don’t know what the term truly implies, you’re welcome to the best place to learn.

What is see finish?

See finish is a Nigerian pidgin English word that loosely means to have seen it all to the extent of taking one for granted. The term is used to describe a situation where two people are so familiar with each other that there’s no more respect or tolerance between them.  For instance, a couple who used to love each other but later seem not to care about bringing romance back into their relationship is regarded to have seen each other “finish” which is why the “spark” is gone. They have gotten so used to each other that they take each other for granted. In summary, see finish is the familiarity that breeds contempt.

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How to avoid see finish

Anyone can be a victim of see finishE no dey fear face. This is why we should always be careful by spotting signs and learning how to avoid them. Here are 5 ways to avoid see finish:

Mind who you associate with

Mind who you associate with

It’s okay to build relationships. No one is an island. But it doesn’t mean you should associate with just anybody. Mind the type of people you associate with, those whom you call your friends or acquaintances. There are simply some people that are simply not worth your friendship. They are best kept at bay for your own good.

Don’t overshare your thoughts

Don't overshare your thoughts

Honey, it’s good to open up to people but there’s something called TMI (Too Much Information). Even if the person you’re sharing with is your twin, there are certain things you have to keep to yourself. It’s simply unhealthy to reveal too much stuff about yourself to others. That’s a breeding ground for see finish and don’t blame anybody but yourself if it happens to you because you can’t keep your mouth shut.

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Have a moral code and stick to it

Have a moral code and stick to it

One of the ways of gaining respect from people and avoiding see finish is when they know you have a moral code that you cannot break no matter what. That code may not be acceptable to many but they will learn to respect you for it. For instance, if you find yourself in the circle of gossip and they know you don’t tolerate it, they may not like you but they will respect you for sticking to what you believe in. In other words, a moral code is what makes you, you, and you must set it and stick to it.

Speak up!

Speak up!

If you’re known as a no-nonsense person, an indabosky bahose, someone who is not afraid to say his or her mind, believe me, you will not smell see finish from anyone. However, if you’re the type that keeps mute on things that you don’t like, the level of see finish treatment you will receive cannot be measured in the next 600 years.

Keep your promises

Keep your promises

One of the fastest ways of attracting see finish to yourself is if can’t keep your promises. No matter how strong and controlling you may seem, no one will respect you for that singular fact. Everyone will see your word as a mere piece of paper that can be blown away by the wind. Don’t be that person. Keep your promises no matter how much they cost you. It is better if you don’t promise at all than to make a thousand promises you can’t keep.

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See finish in a relationship

See finish is very common in romantic relationships. When a couple has been with each other for a long time, they become too familiar with each other which leads to little or no respect. It’s very normal as many of us even take our personal selves for granted.

It is normal for the affection/attraction between partners to reduce over time. They’ll be like, “there’s nothing there to see again.” You’ll also see a partner tell the other, “I no blame you. Na see finish.” This implies that the reason why the partner is being disrespectful is because of too much familiarity.

This is why you should learn how to conduct yourself especially if you’re entering a new relationship. While it is true that long-term relationships like marriage always breed see finish, you can work on it. First, try your possible best to ensure the relationship works. If you and your partner make a conscious effort to work on your relationship, see finish will reduce.

Respect and always compliment each other instead of tearing yourselves down with words and actions. Every relationship will come with conflict from time to time. But if you find ways to resolve them quickly, there will be no room for see finish.

See finish also occurs when a couple is always in each other’s face all the time. This is why giving each other space is very important. No matter how the love is doing you, have a life outside your relationship. Creating chances to miss each other occasionally will enhance your love and reduce see finish.

See finish quotes

  • Na see finish dey turn good morning to howfa
  • A problem shared is a see finish
  • I no blame you. Na see finish
  • Na see finish dey worry some people
  • No let dem see you finish
  • Avoid see finish


This phenomenon cannot be avoided sometimes. If you’re married, be prepared for it as it is one of the things that happen when you’ve been with someone for a length of time. However, you can still learn to keep some things to yourself. Respect yourself so others can respect you and learn that not everyone can be your friend. If people are seeing you finish, japa to another space.

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