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Water and Garri: Tiwa Savage’s debut movie falls below expectations

Water and Garri: Tiwa Savage's debut movie falls below expectations 1

Nigerian Afrobeats queen, Tiwa Savage made her Nollywood debut with the movie Water and Garri, directed by Meji Alabi and produced by Jimi Adesanya. 

The highly anticipated drama, released on Prime Video on May 10, 2024, explores ambition, homecoming, and the complexities of life through the lens of Aisha, a thriving fashion designer returning to Nigeria after a decade abroad.

Water and Garri

The movie delves into Aisha’s journey as she navigates the familiar yet challenging terrain of her home and confronts past relationships.

Water and Garri plot

Water and Garri started with a scene where a man was being chased in the night and ended up being shot.

The narrator, Aisha, said the man shouldn’t be pitied, as he was a thief who killed her brother, Mide. She said it was revenge and jungle justice, but it wasn’t enough, which is why she left her hometown, Eastside, and relocated to America.

Before leaving Eastside, Aisha and Mide were raised by their grandmother, who passed away from an undisclosed illness.

Aisha, who had the ambition of becoming a fashion designer and was supported by Mide before his death, became a successful fashion designer in America.

However, during a fashion show for her new collection, she received a call from her cousin, Stephany, who tearfully informed her that her brother Niyi (Aisha’s male cousin) had been killed.

Three months later, Aisha returned to her hometown, Eastside. Returning wasn’t easy for her as she hasn’t fully healed from losing Mide, which was the reason she left for America ten years ago.

Upon her arrival, she discovered that Eastside is no longer the same and that everyone has moved on except her.

The narrative then shifts to Aisha’s rekindled relationship with her teenage lover, Kay, after they accidentally reunited during Aisha’s outing with Stephany.

Water and Garri

Water and Garri cast

Water and Garri boast a stellar cast, each bringing their own unique talents to the table. Below are the actors and their roles in the movie.

  • Tiwa Savage as Aisha
  • Andrew Yaw-Bunting as Kay
  • Jemima Osunde as Stephanie
  • Mike Afolarin as Mide

Water and Garri review

Tiwa Savage’s Water and Garri shines in its visual artistry. The film, set against the backdrop of Ghana’s Cape Coast, is a visual treat that beautifully showcases the communities portrayed.

Another aspect that stood out was the fantastic soundtrack, which added depth and emotion to certain scenes.

However, while the visuals and soundtrack were pleasing, the movie left much to be desired, as the weak script failed to deliver a compelling storyline.

Although Tiwa Savage performed commendably as Aisha and other actors also fulfilled their roles adequately, the confusing storyline made it challenging for viewers to fully grasp and connect with the characters.

Viewers couldn’t help but question the purpose of the film, as it failed to make a lasting impression.

Regrettably, the movie lacked the narrative depth and emotional resonance needed to captivate viewers, making it difficult to justify a second viewing.

Overall, Tiwa Savage’s debut film failed to captivate audiences and fell short of its potential.



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