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Under the oak tree: A look at an enchanting story of love

Under the oak tree: A look at an enchanting story of love

“Under the Oak Tree” introduces the audience to a narrative that transcends time and societal norms, delving deep into the lives of its characters. Through the lens of a romantic comedy, the story follows the journey of the daughter of a noble as she navigates an unconventional marriage to a humble knight.

Set against a backdrop of an affluent and impecunious background, the novel embarks on a remarkable exploration of flawed individuals entangled in a web of love, separation and reunion. With elements of mystery, enchantment, and human imperfections, this article dissects the intricacies of “Under the Oak Tree”.

What is Under the Oak Tree?

What is Under the Oak Tree?

“Under the Oak Tree” is a Korean novel written by Kim Soo-ji and illustrated by artist P. It is a charming romantic comedy that captivates readers right from the conclusion of the initial chapter. Filled with elements of romance, fantasy and drama, the story revolves around Maximilian, the daughter of an influential Duke.

Another character, Riftan Calpyse, serves as a Knight with a royal mandate to vanquish the fearsome Red Dragon Sektor. Riftan is married to Maximilian. However, on the night of their wedding, the knight abandons Maximilian, leaving her behind.

Duke, Maximilian’s father, subjects her to both physical and psychological abuse. He anticipates that the knight will annul their marriage and instead wed Princess Agnes, the daughter of King Reuben, celebrated for her magical prowess. After an absence of three years, Riftan reenters Maximilian’s life. Anxious about her father’s potential interference, Maximilian is determined to avoid further trouble. On that fateful night, Riftan and Maxi share an intimate connection.

Opting to depart for his Empire the following day, Riftan’s departure leaves Maxi ruminating on her father’s influence. Falsely attributing her inability to retain her husband to herself, Maxi wrestles with guilt. Riftan instructs Maxi to prepare for a journey to the Empire, taking her into his embrace and directing his attendants to gather their belongings.

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Embarking on a cart, they venture toward Anatol with Maxi puzzled by Riftan’s unexpected presence. A confrontation unfolds as mystical entities launch an attack. Facing the threat of abduction by a formidable goblin, Maxi remains on the cart while Riftan fiercely dismantles the assailant. Following the violent clash, the travelling group collectively decides to proceed to the nearest town, carrying their injured members. Subsequently regaining consciousness after being rendered unconscious, Maxi and Riftan share another intimate moment.

Riftan decides to continue his journey the following day. After several days, they reach Anatol. The inhabitants of Anatol warmly receive Riftan and Maxi. As they enter the palace, Riftan is met with the greetings of maids and attendants. Riftan introduces Maxi as his wife, a piece of information deemed essential for all to be aware of.

Opting to share a bath with Maxi after the maids have prepared it, Riftan tenderly washes her from behind, playfully tending to her hair. Expressing affection, Riftan places kisses behind her ears, culminating in an intimate encounter between the two in the bathtub.

Maxi is invited to join Riftan and other knights for supper in the hall, and her maids present her with exquisite and highly valuable gowns. The reception she receives exceeds her expectations, leaving her pleasantly surprised. A new character, Ruth, enters the scene—an amusing magician and a close friend of Riftan. Ruth introduces himself to Maxi, leading to several lighthearted conversations between him, Riftan and Maxi.

Riftan’s deep affection for his wife is evident as he refuses to be apart from her in their room, choosing to carry her in his arms. He expresses his desire for Maxi to transform the palace at any expense, aiming for a space that provides maximum comfort for both of them.

Setting out in the morning to train and oversee Anatol, Riftan leaves Maxi to explore the palace with the butler. They share a shower in the evening, and afterwards, Riftan joins them following supper. News arrives that King Reuben and his retinue will attend the celebration of Riftan’s victory over the Red Dragon Sektor. Fueled by a sense of duty, Riftan decides to accompany his team to the kingdom, assigning a group to remain behind for the defence of Anatol.
Maxi’s spirits have taken a downturn.

While venturing into the library to explore the castle, she encounters Ruth. Recognising Maxi’s latent talents, Ruth offers to help her in acquiring magical skills. Maxi, seeking knowledge, asks Ruth for guidance in understanding matters related to finance.

Ruth proceeds to enlighten Maxi about various continents and kingdoms and highlights the significant influence her father, Duke, wields. He recounts the intricacies of politics and unions that Duke managed for his extensive land holdings. Ruth then delves into the intricacies of currency and offers Maxi valuable insights that shape her vision for remodelling the castle.

Determined to transform the palace, Maxi becomes resolute in her decision to invest in new castle embellishments. She spares no expense in replacing curtains and marble and also directs the servants to craft winter clothing for the soldiers. Security at Anatol becomes a paramount concern, with guards meticulously scrutinising visitors’ backgrounds, identifying insignias and deciphering familial affiliations. However, Anatol falls victim to intrusion attempts and it results in a fierce and deadly confrontation triggered by the use of magical spells by the invaders.

Maxi experienced a tumble, resulting in scratches on her knees and elbows. Ruth stood up in her defence. Upon Riftan’s return, he was incensed by the situation. He unleashed his fury, ruthlessly eliminating any intruders he came across. The leader of the invaders was about to meet his end, only for the revelation to surface that he was a member of the royal family.

She implored him to halt the violence. Ordering the captives to be confined, Riftan gathered Maxi in his arms and carried her to their chamber. There, he attended to her wounds with great concern, his distress evident when he noticed a scratch on her body. Initially driven by anger, he contemplated vengeance, but Maxi managed to persuade him against it.

Following a shared bath, they enjoyed a meal together. Surveying the palace’s adorned interiors, Riftan expressed contentment. A proposal surfaced from Ruth to create a mystical barrier device for the defence of Anatol. Acknowledging Maxi’s magical abilities, he sought her assistance.

Maxi agreed to aid Ruth in crafting the mystical barrier device. Her focus got consumed by the task, inadvertently neglecting Riftan. When Riftan entered the library, he abruptly terminated their device-making session and seized Maxi’s attention.

Maxi devoted several days to aiding Ruth, resulting in the successful preparation and flawless operation of the equipment. When Riftan received word of an approaching goblin army, he recognised the need to confront the threat head-on. With the magical barrier in place, he held firm in his belief that Anatol was now impervious to harm.

The following day, Ruth delivered the distressing news to Maxi that Anatol had been overrun by mystical creatures, including werewolves and goblins. Joined by Ruth, Maxi engaged in treating the wounded soldiers. During this ordeal, she was attacked by a werewolf, only to be saved by a valiant soldier who escorted her safely back to the castle.

News of the successful eradication of the werewolves in Anatol spread swiftly, boosting morale across the land. Before the break of dawn, the joyous tidings of Riftan’s return circulated through Anatol. Unable to contain her excitement, Maxi rushed to meet Riftan and openly embraced in front of everyone.

Under The Oak Tree Manga

Under The Oak Tree Manga

The tale revolves around Maximilian, the daughter of a duke, who suffers from a stammer. At her father’s behest, she is married off to a knight of humble origins. However, after their first night together, the knight departs without a word.

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After three years, he reappears on the scene as a renowned knight, celebrated throughout the continent. The narrative explores their complex relationship and imperfect characters in the context of a beautiful love story.

As their life together recommences, Maximilian is faced with a pivotal choice: How will she approach the reemergence of her spouse, Sir Riftan, who left her right after their wedding and is now a distinguished figure in the realm of knights?

How To Read Under The Oak Tree

How To Read Under The Oak Tree

There are various online platforms available to read this intriguing novel. Just by searching online, you will see a variety of them. You can also purchase the book on Amazon.

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