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Unbelievable: African man invents TV set that works without electricity

Unbelievable: African man invents TV set that works without electricity 1

An African engineer has made news after successfully inventing a TV set that functions properly without electricity.

The African man, Maxwell Chikumbutso, is from Zimbabwe and is not new to making amazing inventions.

Reports have it that the Zimbabwean inventor had previously built a magnetic converter, a green power generator, and a drone, among several others.

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Maxwell Chikumbutso is the founder of Saith Holdings Incorporated, California, a technology firm that specialises in green energy and developing technological appliances.

Maxwell Chikumbutso is a self-taught engineer who dropped out of school at age 14 but developed a model that directly converts radio frequencies into electricity to power the TV set.

The TV set does not require a power cable or even a solar power system but is powered by radio waves, similar to WiFi and Bluetooth.

This new invention would be particularly appreciated in African homes where the power supply is mostly epileptic.

He said,

“With an RF-powered generator embedded on a TV set, it is now possible for many people to enjoy watching TV whilst they are off-grid. For me, this started off as a dream in 2003, but today it’s now a reality. We have successfully developed a solution that powers televisions, smartphones, laptop computers, fridges just to name a few.

Goodbye to electric wired home appliances. Welcome to the future with the world’s first Free Energy powered 55″ UHD Samsung TV. The dawn of wireless self-powered gadgets is here!”

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Nigerian Man Invents Stove That Cooks Without Gas Or Kerosene, Only Requires Water

Meanwhile, a 67-year-old Nigerian technician invented a cooking stove that doesn’t run on gas or kerosene but on water.

The unique stove uses a combination of water and air pressure to produce fire.

The amazing invention would help many families, especially in the wake of the soaring cost of kerosene and cooking gas.

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