To Naija men: No, don’t be like Hakimi


To say 24-year-old Achraf Hakimi has set the internet on fire would be an understatement. The Moroccan defender has not scored a goal from his own half or beaten up Lionel Messi like his African brother Sadio Mane did his teammate some miles away in nearby Germany, nor did he just become the Mayor of Paris.

The Paris Saint-Germain star is being crowned different titles on social media after news of his proposed/ongoing divorce from his wife, 36-year-old Hiba Abouk, after he was accused of raping a woman. The pacy defender is rumoured [there’s no official confirmation of the purported development] to have registered his assets in his mother’s name. This only came to the fore after his wife reportedly demanded half of his assets, something that has made her the butt of jokes on the internet. From gold-digger to ‘naso women dey do’ to other unprintable expressions, the actress must have stopped looking at her phone unless she wants to end up having high blood pressure medication along with paracetamol administered on her intravenously by a nurse who would probably pierce almost every vein on her arm before finding the best fit. She was said to have married Hakimi when he was 19 years old, further fueling what commenters believe was a mapped-out plan to one day drain the star’s money.

Hakimi and Abouk
Hakimi and Abouk

And nobody can say they are wrong. Look at former Arsenal star Emmanuel Eboue, who lost all he worked for for years. His wife, Aurelie, took all he owned, including his London mansion and luxury cars. Things got so bad for the once wealthy footballer that he had to use public transport, something he must have once looked upon as filthy as a dog’s vomit, and even slept on the floor in a ‘sister’s’ home.

Hakimi’s move has attracted kudos and knocks…I believe we know the side throwing the knocks. While some expected members of the kudos team have surprisingly joined the knocks team, we surely have an idea of who belongs to which side.

Now, Naija men have been applauding Hakimi while many have been taking notes. In fact, ace video director, TG Omori, has vowed to open a company in his mother’s name. While we can sing ‘Sweet mother, I no go forget you’ all day to these resolutions by Nigerian men and probably hand over house, business, land, cars, bonds and other documents to mothers on any of the many Mother’s Day celebrations, it is important to remember that Hakimi’s mother is not your mother.

‘My mama no fit betray me, my mama no fit betray me’, have you seen epic Nollywood movies? The Mama G-esque ones. Don’t ask me what Mama G is known for, but if you’ve watched Nollywood movies in the days of Tony Umez, Clem Ohameze, Amaechi Muonagor, Chinwetalu Agu, to mention a few, you’d agree that our mothers are not all like Hakimi’s.

Hakimi and his mum
Hakimi and his mum

Don’t also forget that your mother may be a ‘Yes Daddy’ to her pastor and one day sow your property as seed. No court on this earth will hear your argument that the property belongs to you. While we all hail ‘Ogbon Sodiki’ Hakimi, please get sense.

How then can you save your assets from business-minded women who use marriages to cash out? Do not forget that there is something called a pre-nuptial agreement. Although most women see this suggestion as anti-love, it is important to insist if you are afraid your better half may turn around and use you to cash out later. Before you put a ring on it, have a date with a lawyer and discuss why you want a pre-nuptial agreement. If she no gree, my brother, move on…plenty women dey wey go gree. Don’t shun an important discussion today to embrace suffering for the rest of your life.

Another option, which is quite alien to our culture as Africans, is to keep her a girlfriend, ask Cristiano Ronaldo. She doesn’t get any share of your assets if she’s legally not your wife.

All the best! Remember, your mother is not Hakimi’s!

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