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10 tips to prepare for rainy season

10 tips to prepare for rainy season

The rainy season is here. So, you might want to prepare yourself. Imagine preparing early for work, dressed in your starched outfit. Then you wait for transportation at the bus stop. While waiting, the weather changes and before you can say “Jack”, it is pouring cats and dogs. You have no choice but to run helplessly around looking for shelter. By the time you see one, you are drenched to the skin.

This unfortunate scenario happens more time than you can count. It can be embarrassing and you have to deal with the health implications too. This is why you need to learn how to prepare for the rainy season. Therefore, this article presents 10 tips you will find useful.

How to prepare for rainy season

1. Check the weather forecast before going out

Check the weather forecast before going out
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The rainy season comes with uncertain days. There are times when the cloud is clear and sunny in one moment and then cloudy with a heavy downpour in another moment. You can never be sure about the season, which is why it is a great idea to check for weather forecasts in your area before going out.

Fortunately, this is not difficult. There are many ways to check. You can go the traditional way by checking on TV during broadcasts or using your phone. Some phones come with free weather apps. Do not ignore them this season as they may save you a lot of stress.

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2. Get durable rain gears

Get durable rain gears
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Weather forecasts are not usually 100 per cent accurate. So, you might want to purchase some rain gear if you do not have any already. They include raincoats with hoods, umbrellas, ain caps (or a shower cap for ladies) and rain boots or rubber shoes/covers.

3. Check your roof for leakages

Check your roof for leakages
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The worst thing that can happen to you during the rainy season is getting drenched in your own house. It is not uncommon to see families setting up buckets and bowls in their homes because they did not know their roof was leaking until it was too late. Some know but they did not take it too seriously until they found themselves soaking in rain water in their homes.

This should not be you. Therefore, check your roof for leakages way before the rainy season starts in earnest. It is best to get a handyman to do the checking.

4. Clear out the drainage

Clear out the drainage
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In Nigeria, many people have turned drainages into waste areas, dropping all debris, plastic and the like inside. This is a dangerous practice. It is important to remove any rubbish that may prevent water from flowing through your drainage while it is raining. If your gutter does not have a slab, be sure to get one so people will not fall into it and get washed away in a flood. Do this before the season.

5. Mind your driving

Mind your driving
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Studies have found that wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million accidents per year. This is why you should prepare your car in advance of a rainstorm by making sure windshield wipers are in good working condition.

“Check your car tyres, wipers and electrical system, as driving in rain puts a lot of strain on the alternator and battery,” says Tami Oringo, a safety professional.

Do not drive with a faulty car. Also, turn your headlights on while driving. Rain impedes visibility. So, putting on your headlights will be seen by other drivers. Avoid speeding as the tires can lose contact with the roadway during a rainstorm. If you are skidding, do not match on the brakes immediately to avoid somersaulting. Instead,  remain calm and continue looking and driving in the direction you would like the car to go.

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6. Take care of your health

Take care of your health
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Some people are prone to suffering health issues that come with the rainy season. These health concerns include cold, catarrh, waterborne diseases, diarrhoea and malaria from mosquitoes. For malaria, rain forms puddles or stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. To prevent getting bitten, invest in good mosquito nets, mosquito coils or sprays and mosquito repellent creams.

Also, take some vitamin C to boost your immune system. Always cover up properly to prevent cold.

7. Prepare your supply kit

Prepare your supply kit
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Speaking of your health, you should stock your house with enough food and medicines in case of emergencies. Expect emergencies to happen. For instance, someone in your household may fall suddenly ill and you cannot go to the hospital due to a heavy downpour. What do you do? You administer first aid to keep the person stable until the rain reduces enough for you to take them to the hospital.

Also, you may run out of food supply and may not be able to buy some because nearby shops have closed due to a downpour. This is why you should ensure you have food in the house, no matter what.

8. Check your doors and windows

Check your doors and windows
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Like the ceiling, doors and windows are often overlooked until they start leaking during the rain. Always check if there is a problem with these things by ensuring that they can seal properly. Of course, the check should be done before the rainy season to give you time to fix whatever needs fixing.

9. Prune your tree and shrubs

Prune your tree and shrubs
Photo credit: TreeNewal

If you are looking close to a tree, it is best to remove the branches that may damage your house during a heavy rain or storm. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed from time to time, whether there is a coming rainy season or not.

10. Stay indoors

Do not go playing in the rain to avoid developing some serious health issues. Leave that for Hollywood or Nollywood movies. Stay indoors while it rains outside. You can use the opportunity to bond with your family or friends. Play some indoor games and have fun spending quality time with your loved ones.

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