‘This is not hustling’: Couple draws attention as wife joins husband in construction work

'This is not hustling': Couple draws attention as wife joins husband in construction work

A viral video featuring a Ghanaian couple working together at a construction site has sparked a range of reactions from netizens.

In the video, the wife tirelessly dug the ground while her husband shovelled sand.

The couple combined efforts, showing a solid partnership as they navigated the demanding tasks of their occupation.

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The footage has garnered both praise and criticism online, with some users expressing concerns over the intensity of the wife’s labour.

They questioned whether she should bear such physical strain.

On the other hand, many others commended the couple for their mutual dedication and commitment to working toward their goals.

“mercyselena08 wrote: “I don’t even have words… It’s well shaa.”

@donlargerofficial.5793 said, “That’s simply what marriage is all about. It’s just that this new generation missed the concept and purpose of marriage.”

@the_name_is_zede commented: “You can’t refuse to give her half in a split after this. In fact if you have kids give her everything and start over. She’s definitely industrious.”

@gmliveweddings wrote: “It’s a family business.”

@papa_jyt said: “Feminism winning.”

@zezerik’s prayed: “God will bless more.”

@dt2731826 wrote: “This is marvellous.”

@thechairman_1234 said: “This is not hustling, this is practically killing urself. This is a job machines should be doing…an escavator will do that digging in 30 mins, instead of 30 days the way they’re digging….our people and low aiming….I swear.”

@olayinka_788 commended: “Kudos to the family. Many ladies out there just after free money.”

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