They’ll only give you disrespectful jobs – Lady warns Africans planning to relocate to Canada

They'll only give you disrespectful jobs - Lady warns Africans planning to relocate to Canada 1

A black lady, Arij Assali, has warned Africans who plan to relocate to Canada to have a rethink.

According to her, it’s only disrespectful jobs that are waiting for them in the country.

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She said most Africans have good jobs in their home countries and are highly respected, but when they relocate to Canada, they end up in occupations like cleaning and farming, which is something Canadians themselves will never do.

Arij said that if it were the whites who came to Africa, they would be offered high positions. But it is not the same case when Africans go to their country.


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Netizens react:

@lormarinn: “Girl calm down, if you’re African you can’t even speak about this matter, I think what she’s saying is really cheap talk with so little of research and info. Beside offering jobs to Africans, they also offer emotional stability, health and care which your government in Africa don’t even do. If you think Canada is not good enough for you, leave and leave today nah🤐.”

@aboinyeni: “Stop lying. I know a LOT of Africans that are doing well here and getting jobs in their fields. Don’t use your situation to generalize and you should check your circle.”

@bilal_grind247: “So why you are in Canada?
I’m pretty sure your answer will be for better living and opportunities. It’s not a Black and white issue no more. It’s your issue because you probably not doing well in Canada. Just my opinion.”

@waigwe.nyoike: “My question has always been, why would a country that claims to be in dire need of workers require immigrants to BUY their way in? Why not just hire qualified immigrants without having them pay?”

@bubuogisi: “Please tell them 😂😂😂”

@naijamomlife: “I was looking at the pay rate they pay international nurses from Africa and the Phillipines. It is such an abuse. Such disrespect.”

@omobewa: “I think you should address people who immigrate illegally or through other means apart from the skilled worker route. What you have stated here doesn’t apply to everyone. There are lots of Africans here doing very well, getting fantastic jobs and buying their homes within 1,2,3 years. Agreed, it’s not as rosy, but it’s not as dire as you have painted it. Maybe be a little more specific next time.”

@haben_lion: “Stop smoking, that is not african culture 😤 😂😂😂😂”

@muna.chic: “We go still come aunty 😂”

@pascaljay2022: “Tell them my sister.”

@violetoyong: “@arijassali Africans outside of Canada wouldn’t believe you; they’d call it gatekeeping. We only learn from experience. Most people have decided to miss the point; even the cleaner jobs are not enough to pay for rent in places like Toronto. It’s a crazy reality.”

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