There’s more struggle in Europe than Africa — Nigerian abroad fumes 

There's more struggle in Europe than Africa — Nigerian abroad fumes  1

Blexton, a Nigerian living in Europe, recently took to Instagram to highlight the challenges faced by Nigerians living abroad, particularly regarding the expectations and demands of family and friends back home.

In her video, she expressed frustration at the perception that Nigerians living abroad have an endless supply of money and are expected to financially support their loved ones in Nigeria.

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She also shed light on a practice where some Nigerians living abroad send back discarded items, such as clothes, gadgets, and kitchen utensils, to their family members in Nigeria. This practice is seen as a way of assisting family members with basic necessities, but Blexton raised concerns about the sustainability and fairness of this approach.

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Her video sparked conversations and reactions on social media, with many Nigerians sharing similar experiences and discussing the pressures and challenges faced by those living abroad.

View the video below: 

Netizens react:

@Vvs_vardo: “Find a way for me, I need to enter Europe and face my fear”

@matts_Udunnu: “Whatever happens, please be sending us money”

@Samuel Okorie: “Why do you people feel the need to be making videos like this? Do you think Nigerians don’t know about the struggle, yet they still move over there. Please allow us to hear something. Stop discouraging anyone”

@Onosmorgan1: “Abeg make them easy with us oh, we no get anything, we the pick cloth from street”

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