The exquisite iPhone 12 Pro max: all you need to know about it

The exquisite iPhone 12 Pro max: all you need to know about it/Skabash

Using an iPhone is closely related to being a symbol of high status and popularity in Nigeria. This is because the phone seems to be classy and relevant with the time and season. The general notion might not be far from the truth based on many factors. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the larger of two pro-level phones in Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup.

At first,  iPhones are quite expensive compared to the other brands of phones in Nigeria. More so, there are some distinctive features that iPhones are well recognised for. Starting from its exquisite structure to its popularity for capturing clear pictures,  providing astute reasons to embrace the characteristics of a 21st Century smartphone.

The Apple iPhone 12 pro max was unveiled in October 2020 alongside the other series at an Apple Special Event in Cupertino, California. It was on pre-order sales on November 6 but was launched on November 13, 2020. Knowledge, they say, is the key. If you are planning on purchasing this device,  it is better that you have the fullest awareness and exposure on what you want to spend your money on.

iPhone 12  Pro Max design and structure

This phone marks the beginning of new designs in the iPhone series coming with the flat side-frame design. It comes with the fancy ceramic front glass and a back retaining the iron-like strengthened glass. The back has a three-camera configuration- an upgrade to the previous products of phones made by the brand. The structure includes a telephoto camera that can zoom in to capture distant objects in a clear and visible form.

More so,  The button layout consists of two buttons on the left for volume control, under the silent switch button and a power button on the right. Not to make any fuss, the smartphone’s performance can be compared to the CPU. The phone is operating on 6GB of RAM that was installed on board with different internal storage at different levels. There is one for everybody, from 128GB to 256GB and 512GB. The battery is built so that it can last a working day. And you can charge with computers or external power sources like power banks.

An essential feature of the Apple device is the 5G connectivity which allows for a fast internet connection. Although 5G connectivity has not started working in Nigeria, when it starts working, the smartphone will be a virtual device in a user’s hands. It is water-proofed and can endure water for 30 minutes and against dust.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max box has a packaging that includes;

  1. The device itself
  2. USB-C to lighting cable
  3. User Manual and Apple Sticker

Meanwhile, to cut costs, you might need to purchase a charging plug and earphones separately in a retail store since the box does not have these gadgets.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Specifications

iPhone 12 Pro Max | Skabash

The phone’s full specification includes different features that make it a must-have iPhone.

  • Displays: 6.7 inches
  • Chipset: Apple A14 Bionic (5mm)
  • RAM & ROM: 128GB 6GB RAM, 256GB 6GB RAM, 512GB 6GB
  • Software: iOS 14.1
  • Rear (Back) Camera: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • Selfie (Front) Camera: 12MP
  • Battery: Li-Ion 3687 mAh,  non-removable
  • Weight: 228g
  • Height: 6.33 inches
  • Dimensions: 106.8 x 78.1 x 7.4mm
  • SIM: Single Sim (Nano Sim)
  • Colour: Silver, Gold, Graphite,  and Pacific Blue


It has a larger display, and this display is in the OLED form, which means it has a bright, clear and sharp screen with excellent colour production. The images are displayed better with the colours and detail. When pictures are taken with the device, they appear good on the screen without editing.


This iPhone promises to have good battery life. The battery is a Li-Ion 3687 mAh; it is large, which means it can last for hours and achieve better performance. To know the battery’s capacity depends on how you use the device.


iPhone 12 Pro Max | Skabash

Arguably, the iPhone 12 pro max happened to be the phone with the best camera during its launch time. Take, for instance, you can take long-range pictures without any blurriness. The camera has become a threat to most professional photographers as people now prefer using the phone camera on their occasions to inviting photographers.

It has a rear (back) camera and a selfie (front) camera. With its size, images become clearer and more visible. The rear camera consists of three cameras with different features, one of them is the standard wide (this has been the normal rear camera), another is the ultra-wide (this has the Night mode available in it), and the third camera is called the telephoto zoom. Also, the camera is exceptional because its sensor can absorb more light and take clearer and brighter pictures.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Price in Nigeria

You might be wondering, how much is the iPhone 12 Pro Max? In Nigeria, this Apple product’s price Nigeria starts from NGN530,000 for  128GB 6GB RAM Model while the 256GB 6GB RAM Model costs NGN570,000 while the 512GB 6GB RAM model costs NGN 650,000.  The smartphone is available at various stores and retail markets.

Where to buy

This phone is everywhere, ready to be brought. You can visit retail stores or online stores like Jumia, Konga, Slot, Apple, etc.

The good

The iPhone 12 pro max is one of the best smartphones around. It isn’t easy to hold when video recording. This is why you need to put it in a case, and to give you ease, you may consider getting a phone stand or a selfie stick to enjoy the phone. It is a powerful phone with a long-life battery, and the camera is excellent, and you cannot get enough of the phone.

The bad

The iPhone  12 pro max is a large phone, and that might make it too heavy to hold all the time. Also, the phone is quite expensive for an average Nigerian, but the price promises to reduce in the coming years. Another thing to know is that there is an agitation that the phone does not have a better camera than its predecessor, iPhone 12 Pro. The 5G connectivity cannot work in Nigeria because 5G has not been approved yet.

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