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The babies have altered our lives – Young mother of triplets seeks support

The babies have altered our lives - Young mother of triplets seeks support 1

A beautiful young lady, Mrs Temitope Abulatan, has narrated how she gave birth to three babies at once and how she’s been coping.

In an exclusive interview with Skabash.com, Mrs Temitope, who hails from Ogun state, tells Asukwo Oduo that she had always loved children and worked in the children’s department.

She said scan results showed she was expecting twins but ended up giving birth to triplets.

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The young lady in her late twenties said,

I’m married to an Ondo man, a civil servant, and we got married in 2020. I had just graduated from the University of Ibadan, where I studied Agricultural Economics, and I have always loved children and worked in the children’s department.

By the grace of God, I gave birth to three boys on November 26, 2021.

I did scan twice, one in Ibadan and another in Lagos. It indicated it was twins, but I did not know the gender. So it came as a big surprise to me when the nurses said they saw another membrane, and lo and behold, the third one came out; I was first speechless and grateful to God.”

Asked how her husband reacted to news of the triplets’ birth, Mrs Temitope said her husband was shocked and never believed it.

He was shocked and never believed it. Before entering the delivery room, he told me that he had dreamt and saw two baby boys. However, in my mind, I was hoping for a girl and a boy. He briefly went to the canteen to eat, and then he got a call from his dad telling him his wife had given birth to triplets. He didn’t believe it until he saw them with his eyes.”

The babies have altered our lives - Young mother of triplets seeks support 2
Mr and Mrs Abulatan with the triplets

While responding to questions on how she has been managing the triplets (feeding them and providing adequate care)?

She said, “It has been God. I won’t say it is easy; they eat a lot of formulae which has been demanding financially alongside breast milk. The babies were placed in an incubator for about three weeks before coming home; the cost of caring and feeding is high.

My mum was around for a period of time to help, but she left later, it has been only me taking the responsibility of caring for them since then, and my husband helps too.”

When Asukwo Oduo asked if any organisation had reached out to them to provide help and support, she answered in the negative.

The graduate of Agricultural Economics was also asked if the birth of the triplets had altered her life and that of her husband in any way.

The birth of the triplets has altered our lives in many ways. We have a lot of changes and a new set of priorities. We had to change our apartment and move to a larger one to accommodate us. We spend more on feeding, a lot more on care, clothes, etc.”

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Skabash.com also inquired if there’s anything she needs to ease her stress in caring for the children. She responded by saying,

Yes oo, we need a lot of help. Their feeding, their clothing, playing materials, we’ve only been managing the few things we have.

She also added that she needs a job and all the support she can get, even if it’s a business.

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