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Ten relaxation techniques to deal with stress

Ten relaxation techniques to deal with stress 1

As humans, we have both good and bad moments, and sometimes we find ourselves in a stressful situation that becomes a bit overwhelming for us. You need to learn how to control your situation by using proven relaxation techniques for every stressful position anyone could find themselves in. Through that, your terrain will experience calmness, and you will be in a better psychological state to face any unforeseen stress coming towards you in the future. 

This piece shall give you insights on how to find relaxation in pressure, and it will enlighten you on how to use the perfect techniques for each of your stressful periods.

Ten relaxation techniques to deal with stress 2

What is stress?

Giving an actual definition of stress can be a bit difficult because stress comes in different forms: which might make any definition given to stress subjective. However, there are two generally accepted definitions for stress. The first definition portrays stress as overwhelming emotional or psychological pressure that one might not be able to cope with. At the same time, another explanation for stress posits that stress is the stimulus reaction or response of the body and mind to any pressures or challenges. From the two definitions above, it is conspicuous that a common phenomenon attributed to stress is “pressure or challenge.”

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Even though pressure is the nucleus entity in stress, that does not imply that stress is thoroughly a negative phenomenon. Having a stress-free life might not be a good thing. Some people find stress as a pusher for them to go ahead and achieve more. Also, it is essential to note that since humans are of different build-ups, we process stress differently; our backgrounds, nature, psychological immunity, and emotional strengths determine how we process stress. Meanwhile, anything can be a source of stress as long as we engage in different activities. For instance, things like work pressure, traffic jams, health concerns can trigger stress in one’s mind. As a solution to the typical stress issues everyone has, here are ten techniques to find relaxation to de-stress yourself. 

1. Eat good food:

A famous African proverb says, ‘whatever a bird eats is what it uses to fly .’If you want to find perfect relaxation in your stress, what you eat is crucial in finding your comfort. Firstly, you need to always eat a balanced diet to optimise yourself. Also, it would help if you could avoid drinking alcohol whenever you are stressed out: because there is always side effect to it.  

2. Meditation:

Meditation has been an ancient technique to overcome stress. It gives you cognisance of your environment and relates to the moment. And while you are meditating, you reflect on yourself and that stressful situation. Your mind will wander and later regain its balance to cool off the stress. While meditating, you need to avoid distraction and keep your mind focused, so some people use objects like a candle flame, mantra, etc., to fixate upon for stability. 

3. Practice Yoga:

this is another effective technique to relax your stress. Yoga requires body stretching and strengthening to give your body a perfect posture. While practising yoga, you can do some meditative movements that are generally good for lowering blood pressure and easing stress. Another form of yoga is Tai Chi. Tai Chi requires you to move your body slowly and gracefully to help you concentrate on being relaxed.

4. Exercise:

Exercises like running, jogging, walking, hiking, biking, etc., have proved to be highly effective for relaxation whenever your mind or body is going through stress. These exercises will increase endorphins in your body, and once your body generates more endorphins, there is a high chance that you will forget your worries and find long-lasting wellness in your mind.

5. Take a break:

It is good not to know when to take a break from things that usually put you under mounting pressure at some points in life. “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a quote you need to reckon with if you want to find relaxation in stress. Do not wait till you break down to an irreparable stage psychologically before you take a break from your stress trigger. Also, try to avoid your stress triggers for some time. By the time you take your break, you are better and refreshed.

6. Autogenic relaxation technique:

Autogenic relaxation technique involves you paying attention to your inner mind. This technique makes you connect with your mind and find what is positive. Since everything that happens outside is a result of inside, you will feel so calm to get over the stressed muscles in you, and you will find your thoughts resonating with peace. 

7. Avoid negativity:

It is easy for a negative person to drown in stress because they tend to undervalue themselves. There is no gainsaying that negative people rarely see good things about themselves; thus, their existential self-esteem tends to wither as they sink into depression. Ensure that you always appreciate your self-worth to overcome stress at all costs.

8. Talk to someone:

One of the dangers revolving around stress is bottling up. You should speak out whenever you are under stress, especially if all techniques are not working out. Going for therapy sessions or visiting a counsellor should not be an embarrassing thing to do. By speaking out, you are not only overcoming your stress, but you will also get relieved and relaxed. Workplaces are also encouraged to inquire about their workers’ mental health and find solutions to any employees’ issues. 

9. Try a breathing exercise:

Breathing exercise is an easy technique you can try when you are under lots of pressure and your body is having a wrong response at that moment. The exercise requires you to focus on your breathing. You need to settle down quietly and take a deep breath with your nose or mouth for like eight seconds and breathe out. You will find yourself relaxed and refreshed at the same time.

10. Understand your warning signs:

Knowing your stress warning signs is essential for your mental wellbeing. Stress is a sneaky phenomenon that crawls in gently until it becomes a central challenge to the human body to avoid overwhelming you beyond control. Some stress warnings are dizziness, Body pains, headache, lack of sexual performance, anxiety, and emotional edge. 

In Conclusion, finding relaxation in stress is practically possible, provided you are consistent with the techniques given in this piece. Also, it is imperative to look after yourself whenever you are on an emotional edge and find your path back to a balanced phenomenon. 

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