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Teenage Nigerian boy flaunts 71-year-old sugar daddy who spends dollars on him

Teenage Nigerian boy flaunts 71-year-old sugar daddy who spends dollars on him 1

A 19-year-old Nigerian boy has taken to social media to flaunt his 71-year-old “sugar daddy”.

The teenager displayed gifts he has received from his “sugar daddy’ in a clip he shared on TikTok which was spotted by Skabash.com.

Identified as @SonofSimeon, the boy is seen holding hands and kissing the septuagenarian.

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In another part of the clip, the boy displayed dollar cash notes, an iPhone and jewellery received from the man he refers to as sugar daddy.

It is not clear, however, if the man is the boy’s father or lover.

Reactions: That’s Your Dad

With over 2k comments at the time of filing this report, many users believe the 71-year-old is his father, not his sugar daddy.

@mbalechris advised:
“Come Back to God bro”

@jossianb reacted:
“the resemblance is too much, that’s his dad”

@Valeano Bright commented:
“u don cast this man finish… umunna will soon call him”

@Reïssa Ahmadou remarked:
“Wahala for anyone who discovers that it is his father or his grandfather”

@Emotional lush noted:
“Lolx that’s your dad fam see the resemblance”


Girl injects herself with HIV-infected blood

In other news, 15-year-old Indian girl has injected herself with the HIV-infected blood of her boyfriend to show her commitment to him.

The teenager from Assam, Northeast India, reportedly performed the shocking act with a syringe from her HIV-positive boyfriend and then infected herself.

The love story of the unnamed lovers started on Facebook three years ago, Kalanga TV reports.

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On multiple occasions, the pair eloped, but the girl returned home on each occasion.

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