Swedish Bella: Ex-teacher who’s making big money as adult content creator

Swedish Bella: Ex-teacher who's making big money as adult content creator

There is a popular saying in Africa that “a teacher’s reward is in heaven”, and not on earth where they toil for years in the formation of numerous children in schools. Well, Swedish Bella said that’s not under her watch. She dumped the teaching profession for the unthinkable, the porn industry.

So, who is Swedish Bella, who has now become a millionaire by “shaking things” online and categorised teaching as antiquity?

Swedish Bella biography 

Swedish Bella portrait

Swedish Bella (real name: Monica Huldt) was born on October 22, 1983, in Warsaw, Poland. She later relocated to Eslove, Sweden, with her family. She lived for the majority of her teen years with her mother, who is a medical doctor.

For her O-levels, Bella attended Begaskilan Eslov High School. She next went to Malmo Teacher Training College, where she obtained a certificate in history. Later, she enrolled on online certification training courses at Carrier Match UK, where she obtained a CAPM Certification.

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Swedish Bella began her career as a teacher in Sweden. The trained teacher taught in some schools for some years but the take-home pay was not encouraging for her. She quit teaching and relocated to the United States of America.

She began working as a dancer when she moved to the US and became popular, thanks to her Instagram account. She was a dancer for three years in the US before deciding to switch to adult content creation in 2017, with the presence of OnlyFans, an internet content subscription service used primarily by sex workers who produce pornography.

However, she came into the spotlight t the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic as she began posting loads of adult content on her OnlyFans account. According to her, she was earning about $100,000 a year before the pandemic but at the moment, she makes $750,000 a year from her OnlyFans account.

Asides from being on OnlyFans, Swedish Bella has almost 2.4 million followers on Instagram, where she is active as well (as mentioned earlier). She mostly shares pictures of herself modelling and wearing clothes on the account. She is also on Tik Tok. She garnered over 186,000 followers on the platform just a few weeks after she joined. Currently, her followers are more than one million.

Swedish Bella has worked for different firms as a brand ambassador and company developer, in addition to being a successful entrepreneur. She currently works for numerous different fashion businesses, including the Global Fashion brand, Nova. Also, she is the Director of Strategy at The Future of Exclusivity.

Swedish Bella OnlyFans

Swedish Bella created her OnlyFans account in 2017 and began to connect with the audience there because of their willingness to pay her more.

She stated that when she opened the account she had about 2,000 followers but during the COVID-19 lockdown, her fan base increased to two million followers overnight.

She mentioned that after she left her teaching job, some of her former students and colleagues also followed her on OnlyFans.

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Swedish Bella’s net worth

The estimated net worth of Swedish Bella is $5 million. She primarily acquired her income from her pornographic content, particularly on OnlyFans. The adult content creator claims she makes $750,000 a year through OnlyFans.

Swedish Bella’s family 

Swedish Bella and her husband

Swedish Bella’s husband is John Huldt. He works with Equinox Westwood as a certified personal trainer. Huldt has a profile on OnlyFans as well. He opened his account on his wife’s recommendation.

Huldt is allowed to have romantic relationships with other women because the pair agreed to an open marriage. But according to Swesih Bella, the couple is open and trustworthy with one another.

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