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Super Ball Girls: NSFW anime redefining harem manga stories

Super Ball Girls: NSFW anime redefining harem manga stories

Super Ball Girls has gotten anime lovers screaming for more. The NSFW (not safe for watching) manga created by two of the most loved and talented mangakas features sexual activities, the supernatural, etc.

Since its release, the anime world has been in an uproar as everyone wants to know about the SBG because of their amazing characterisation. 

If you are an anime lover and you are looking for something inappropriate and insane, then give Super Ball Girls a read.

What is Super Ball Girls?

Super ball girls are manga characters in the anime series with the same title. From the series, it is seen that they live in a crystal ball and come into existence when the ball touches chocolates.

It is not realistic to come out of a ball but then again, that is why they are called SUPER ball girls. These girls are four in number. They multiply only after a passionate kiss. One crystal ball produces one Super Ball girl. So, when one girl emerges from a crystal ball and kisses someone, the other three crystal balls holding the other girls come out of the first girl’s back to produce the remaining three girls.

Super ball girls are very beautiful and sexy girls who are not scared to explore their sexuality. Being naked is not a problem because they come out of their balls naked and ready to engage in sexual activities.

What is Super Ball Girls?

Once they are out of the ball, they melt in contact with chocolates but can regenerate even after being cut apart. So, when they melt away, they can come back whole. 

Today, people watch and read anime because of their love for the art. So, whether it’s making sense or not as long as it’s interesting, it will have an audience. This seems to be the case when it comes to Super Ball Girls because. So far, it appears to carry no serious message or purpose for the creation of the characters; instead, the series dwells more on its storytelling skills, and superb art to keep its audience interested. 

With this, it can be said that the purpose of the Super Ball Girls having emerged from their balls is to engage in sexual activities, flaunt their sexy bodies and try to adapt to their new world.

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Super ball girls manga

The term “manga” is derived from the Japanese words for “whimsical pictures” or “pictures run riot”.

Manga is a form of Japanese comic book art that has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers all around the world. With its distinct style and wide range of genres, manga has become a massive industry that has spawned anime adaptations, merchandise, and even live-action films. 

The roots of manga can be traced back to the 12th century when Japanese scroll paintings depicted humourous and satirical scenes. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the 20th century that manga as we know it today began to take shape. 

In the early 1900s, Japanese newspapers began publishing comic strips, which were later compiled into book form. These early manga were often political or satirical and were aimed at adults rather than children.

Super ball girls manga

In the 1950s, manga began to focus more on entertainment and popular culture. The introduction of the “big eyes” style and the use of screen tones helped to create the distinct visual style that is now associated with manga. By the 1970s, manga had become a massive industry, with popular titles being adapted into anime and merchandise.

Now, Super Ball Girls is a new manga created by Akira Hiramoto and Muneyuki Kaneshiro, the masterminds behind Prison School and Blue Lock, respectively. The manga was launched on October 14, 2022, and is being serialised by Shogakukan in its Big Comic Superior magazine. 

Kaneshiro is writing the story, while Hiramoto handles the illustrations. The manga is a fusion of more than one genre, as described by the magazine. This marks the first-ever collaboration between Hiramoto and Kaneshiro. It is also a rare and interesting collaboration between two equals at the peak of their career.

Super Ball Girls magazine

With the high praise that Kaneshiro and Hiramoto have received for their previous works, having them work together on the Super Ball Girls manga is pure bliss.

The characteristics mentioned can be seen in the Super Ball Girls manga as each character is expressively and expertly drawn to portray their emotions. Manga characters are often drawn with exaggerated facial expressions and dynamic poses, and the use of screen tones helps to create depth and texture. 

Additionally, manga is read from right to left, which can take some getting used to for readers accustomed to Western-produced comics. This is also seen in the Super Ball Girl manga in the display of the text from beginning to end.

Another characteristic of manga is its wide range of genres. The Super Ball Girls manga covers genres such as science fiction, fantasy and horror as the story unravels in each chapter.

Super Ball Girls manga possesses strong language, sexual content, blood, and intense violence, all of which are not appropriate for underage viewers and readers. Hence, it can be deduced that the anime series is aimed at an adult audience. 

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Super Ball Girls novel

The main cast of the Super Ball Girls novel includes:

  • Eita Ichiyoshi
  • Eliza ( SBG with blue hair)
  • Ouka (SBG with pink hair)
  • Kitsuka (SBG with yellow hair) 
  • Shuuka ( SBG with brown hair)

Super Ball Girls novel

The Super Ball Girls novel opens up with Icis, a chocolate factory worker, daydreaming about his life. He laments about his lack of progress in life regarding his schooling, his connection with girls and his job, which is nowhere close to the field of study he graduated in.

When he witnesses his colleague having a mental breakdown at work, Ichiyoshi vows to make a change in his life.

On his way home, a bouncing ball catches his eye and he takes it home. At home, he mindlessly tosses the ball around as he reaffirms his desire to do better in life. In the process of tossing the ball around, the ball comes in contact with the chocolate he bought on his way home from work and morphs into something beyond his imagination.

A beautiful naked girl erupts from the ball and forcefully starts to kiss Ichiyoshi. As Ichiyoshi kisses her back, three more balls shoot out of the mysterious girl’s back and three other naked girls shoot out of the three balls. 

All of a sudden Ichiyoshi is surrounded by four naked girls, which are the Super Ball Girls fighting to kiss him. Ichiyoshi, whose world has taken a drastic turn, tries his best to cope with the four beauties with him as they go through different situations together.

So far, the Super Ball Girls novel has six chapters. The novel follows common Asianni ecchi, where you have supernatural elements, a quick introduction of the four girls and exceptional artwork. Super Ball Girls is a harem manga that raises the bar. 

How to get Super Ball Girls 

Since the release of the fantasy manga, Super Ball Girls, anime lovers have been all over the Internet trying to get the series.

How to get Super Ball Girls 

If you are in this category, here is how to get Super Ball Girls:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Type super ball girls
  3. Once the page loads, you will see a list of sites where you can read and download the series online.
  4. Some of these sites include Novelcool, Manga Kakalot, My Anime List, etc.
  5. Click on any one of the sites and start reading.

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