Stop using ‘sapa’ to catch cruise – Nigerian Pastor advises against ‘playing’ with words

Stop using 'sapa' to catch cruise - Nigerian pastor advises against 'playing' with words

A Nigerian Pastor named @philipolubakin has been sharing advice about the importance of using words wisely in a video that is trending on social media.

In the video, the Pastor emphasizes the significance of refraining from using negative words, both in speech and on social media. He mentions specific negative phrases like ‘sapa’ (a slang for being broke), ‘owo ti ku waso’ (money has finished), ‘hunger wan finish me’ (I’m very hungry), ‘i don die’ (I’m dead), and similar phrases that can have detrimental effects on one’s mindset.

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The Pastor urges people to replace such negative words with positive affirmations and expressions. He emphasizes that the tongue holds immense power and can attract both good and bad energies based on the words one uses. He encourages viewers to speak positivity and blessings into their lives instead of affirming negative circumstances.

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Watch the video below:

@philipolubakinWords are containers of either life or death.♬ original sound – Philip Olubakin

See reactions below:

@ejabene: “Sapa wan finish me (mind what you say there’s power in the tongue) I need a house and a car (na mouth dem dey carry buy am.”

@tobias.oy: “na girl dey laugh loud like that the sermon hit her.”

@quin_hadassah001: “the way people catch cruise with everything negative ehnnn.”

@DEBORAH496: “I get like 51 million now . Amen . Every morning I’ll be saying it now.”

@Evelyn Temmy: “Who’s that person that’s actually laughing like that 😂.”

@Onyinyechi Umeh: “Hmm… thank you for sharing this with us.”

@Olaminike: “The tremendous power of the tongue🔥🔥🔥.”

@amaka_nweke❤ +💡: “how about Joy wan wound me for here sir?😂🤲.”

@ayoade247: “honestly I been think pastors are too serious until whatever I post really happens…words and confirmation.”

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