Stop wooing women above your pay grade – Slay queen warns men

Stop wooing women above your pay grade - Slay queen warns men 1

A Nigerian lady has issued a cautionary message to men, advising them against wooing women who are beyond their financial means. 

In a viral video, she stated that it’s a well-known fact that women, especially Igbo ladies, are somewhat materialistic.

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She then questioned the logic behind men approaching women who flaunt extravagant lifestyles, such as wearing N1.2 million of hair, luxury brands like Rolex, and carrying designer bags from Chanel and LV (Louis Vuitton).

She emphasized that it is unwise for men to go after such women without being mindful of their own financial limitations.

“We all know the fact that women likes money. Especially Igbo ladies they love money. So as a man why would you approach a lady that uses N1.2 million hair, wears Rolex, and carries bags like Chanel, LV and you offer to take her grocery shopping without her asking you.

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“After taking her shopping, you spent like over N400,000. She didn’t ask you just told her pick anything you want which she did. So because the lady didn’t follow you home or end up doing anything with you, the best option and the next thing for you to do is to create a private group chat on Snapchat with her, your guys and start screen-shoting your conversations.

“And you start talking about how you met a lady and spent over N1 million at a club and spent a certain amount at grocery shopping and she is not your girlfriend. Yet you’re not the one that got her the hair, Chanel, or Rolex, she got it herself. So tell me why are you mad offering to get things for a lady like that and you expect her to kiss you because you took her to grocery shopping for N400k.

“The fact that she didn’t ask you for this things and you offer to do them. Yet you’re the one getting pained because she said yes to grocery shopping with you. I don’t get it what do you guys want and you get girlfriend o. You now created a group chat making a big fool out of yourself.

“I can’t keep defending men that’s why I’m saying go for a girl that is according to your size. I don’t want to use afford. Go for a girl within your spending bracket; a girl you will flex on that will enjoy the flex,” the lady said.

See reactions:

@mrchauw: “This is why as a guy…u need to hustle hard so u can afford to travel round the world and meet human beings…its is then u would know uve been accepting d bare minimum as a Nigerian man.”

@itskunlereal: “If everyone dated or went out on dates with people within their tax bracket, a certain gender wont survive 😂.”

@dannyross007: “Why u go pick 400k on grocery alone if no be say u be tiff. 😂😂😂”

@chidi___x: “Men in Nigeria often experience love that feels transactional, believing that without wealth, a woman’s affection is unattainable. Although, many Nigerian women equate a man’s love with his willingness to spend, creating a cycle where one person perpetuates the expectation and the other feels they have a right to it.”

@tofunmi: “Lol, these days men and women cannot enjoy each other’s company without the expectation of sex and money… It’s the men expecting ‘Sex’ and the women ‘Money’… this preconceived mindset even though sometimes subtle creates this artificial connection between men and women and it’s destroying the fabrics of genuine connection and relationships.”

@ekammaufo: “I feel like I have lost some brain cells just listening to this……Dear ladies, No 1. relationships should not be monetized, No2. You are able to independently work and earn a living from high income jobs. No 3. Do not be fooled by anyone on social media, it is all a facade.”

@hazel_odochi: “We all ladies knows she’s saying the truth💯.”

@iamjoshdre: “I blame the guy. You spending money thinking the money would impress her into climbing your bed. You also have a girl who probably really likes you. Guys stop making this mistake spend on women that actually like you.”

@thankful127: “She’s right. Date within your budget. 😂.”

@cakemanbara: “Man Dey inlove. Woman Dey in business.”

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