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‘People can be creative’: Nigerian videographer covers wedding with tripod he made from wood

‘People can be creative': Nigerian videographer covers wedding with tripod he made from wood 1

A video capturing a man covering an event with a camera tripod stand he made from wood has sparked reactions on social media.

In the video, the man placed his phone on the tripod to film beautiful moments at a traditional wedding ceremony.

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The wooden tripod captivated the attention of guests at the wedding, with some getting close to check it out.

The video was shared on TikTok by a photographer with the handle @tundeystudio.

“Some people are just so creative. He made a tripod out of wood,” he captioned the video.

See reactions:

@dfwstacey: “Creativity at its core! 👏 Use what you have, to get what you want.”

@touchofexcellence: “Living within his means and that’s ok👌.”

@dearomonso: “The point is; He started with what he has ❤️.”

@teni_of_all_trade: “As a photographer and a videographer, d guy is d realest and most determined in d game because many will say I don’t have this, I don’t have that! But his making use of his resources because he has big passion for it!! Keep flying bro!!!!
We gats buy him a Tripod ASAP!!!”

@justifeh: “Please how much be tripod again 😂😂😂😂😂.”

@imumzone: “When life hands you lemons 🍋, make lemonade 👏.”

@ozone_phoenix: “He is a good first aider, the ability to improvise to enable him function properly.”

@vlackice_jayjay: “Applauding this is wild🥹 yes the effort! But the world has evolved far from this. Would you invest in a wooden tripod production company ????”

@anna_ekpei: “This looks like the stand painters use for their canvas. This is very creative and lovely!!🙌”

@khyenibelle: “There is always a way out.”

@tedofabuja: “Find this guy for me , I’ll get him a new tripod and light.”

@meetemmanueljacob: “Necessity is the foundation of most of the world’s invention. When the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable.”

@the_tafa: “He’s making his money with what he has. If he has gathered enough and can afford gadgets, he’ll get them. Meanwhile, find him for me let me bless his hustle.”

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