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‘Some engineers no fit construct am’: Young boy wows netizens with portable fan made with carton

'Some engineers no fit construct am': Young boy wows netizens with portable fan made with carton 1

A young Nigerian boy received accolades online for his engineering skills.

In a video shared on TikTok by @manviko1, the boy could be seen going around with a portable battery-powered fan he invented using cartons.

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He monetized his invention by using it to fan students at the University of Delta.

The video showed him counting some of the money he had made.

“Look at what this small boy did,” the video caption read.

See reactions:

@little Seamstress: “Some engineers nr fit construct am 😂😂.”

@songod_sgg: “See business man, he is just focus on the money 😂😂 Bless him❤️.”

@DJ Flame Entertainment: “find the boy for me i want credit am like 50 dolls.”

@callme_khadie: “If I was there I’d have bought it, whether e blow or e no blow, to encourage him, such a talented young boy ❤️.”

@pearl_beautyhome: “Combination of talent and hustler 👏.”

@adelakuntufayl: “I pray he gets the help he deserves because in some other places, this talented boy is an asset to his country!”

@oyinda_oyinda_: “This video almost made me cry 🥺, I wish I was in a position to help the boy🥺.”

@benosi: “The ingenuity of the average Nigerian …… such a raw beauty to behold,yet a dream we talent we hardly harness ❤️😢.”

@seriouslybori: “Talent and business sense…this guy will make a great startup founder.”

@daymiond_views12: “So nobody get 200 naira for that class ohhh.”

@abdull_dabai: “God bless his Talent🙌. but him fr write acc number fr the kpali.”

@fkidellie_: “Find him for me.”

@ficent_mama: “Talent full this country
Future Engineer.”

@heisaliyu: “I have something for him, find him for me.”

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