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‘Smart student’: Secondary school boy builds blender, produces tomato paste

Secondary school boy builds own blender, produce tomato paste

An innovative secondary school student recently showcased his remarkable creativity by designing and constructing his very own functional blender.

The impressive feat was captured in a video that circulated on Twitter, capturing the attention of viewers.

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In the video, the resourceful young student proudly displayed his creation. Using basic materials such as a rubber cup and an empty tomato can, he skillfully assembled the components to create a functional blending machine. The video showcased the student wearing his school uniform as he put his invention to the test.

With ripe tomatoes already placed in the blender, the student confidently pressed the button, and the machine smoothly transformed the tomatoes into a paste. The demonstration showcased not only the student’s technical prowess but also the effectiveness of his homemade blender.

Netizens reactions:

@Amayorashidi5 wrote: “We can’t encourage invention in Kenya copy pasting things. This is just a smart student who applies knowledge learnt in class to make something existing. The real question in invention is what new thing it brings. prof. Weni GCFR.”

@MekzyP said: “Nice.”

@dikedinamba commended: “Nice work, This boy needs to be celebrated.”

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