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Singer Majeeed differentiates between traditional, modern Nigerian women

Singer Majeeed differentiates between traditional, modern Nigerian women 1

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ekeh Chiaka Joseph, professionally known as Majeeed has shared his thoughts on the differences between traditional and modern women.

Majeeed, while featuring in an interview at Clout Radio, pointed out that traditional women unlike their modern counterparts, do not worry about their bodies being imperfect.

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He noted that these women are generally not active on social media and, if they are, they tend to have fewer followers as they do not seek attention.

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In contrast, Majeeed claimed that modern women crave attention and often seek validation through their actions.

His comments have sparked discussions online about the evolving roles and perceptions of women in society.

Watch him speak below: 

Netizens react:

@Legend: “So which women should men go for?”

@Shaw: “modern women would rather be an item at the show room that everyone drools over than the luxury special edition precious ones that are in the back room for a select few. it’s down to their insecurities and lack of self value”

@Only: “They re all in the villages”

@loldarik: “Who said that? Dey play”

@Taye: “Loud men/men that give dumb takes just make me laugh. God be with the people that have to deal with this mindset o”

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