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Shocking moment Ed Sheeran shushed Nigerian mum during home performance

Shocking moment Ed Sheeran shushed Nigerian mum during home performance 1

A video circulating on social media captured the surprising moment when British Grammy winner, Ed Sheeran told the mother of a Nigerian content creator to be quiet.

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The UK-based online personality, Demz had invited Sheeran to perform with his guitar in their family home.

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During their session, the woman interrupted, prompting the singer to politely ask her to be quiet.

She seemed surprised and sought confirmation from her son on what the music superstar had said.

The lady then told Sheeran that his comment was disrespectful. However, he shushed her again, which made the mother angry and she started shouting at him.

Demz tried to explain to his mother that Sheeran didn’t mean to disrespect her, but that as a superstar, he might be accustomed to speaking to people in that way.

But his mother who does not know Ed Sheeran, said: “That’s very disrespectful, do you know what you just said that I should ‘shush’ my mouth”.

See the video below:

Netizens react:

@o_m_o_t_e_e; “Funny, but please what was that hefty breathing I was hearing??😂”

@Yubbie007; “What did he say” means she heard but needed confirmation.”

@MultifamilyB; “I don’t care who they are don’t tell my mom or any matriarch to be quiet in their own house lmao”

@MrTibbs01; “She’s not even a real Nigerian mother 😂 if nah real Nigerian mother she go don use her slippers Stone am since. 😂”

@iamnay0mi; “Why is the person recording breathing so heavily? 🙄”

@inYeshuaAlone; “Be like this guy wan collect 😂😂😂😂😂 they didn’t tell him ehn”

@KeneCFC; “Be like slippers no dey close by she for use am design him mouth. 😂”

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