‘She hates it when I help anybody’: Reason Nigerian man dumped his girlfriend

'She hates it when I help anybody': Reason Nigerian man dumped his girlfriend 1

A Nigerian man has predicated the reason for ending his relationship on his girlfriend’s strong disapproval of him being of financial assistance to others.

His response came after @HinduMustafa prompted users to share what killed their feelings for someone they deeply loved.

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According to the details posted on his handle, @uncle_retired, the man explained that whenever he helped someone, his girlfriend would be angry, preferring that the money be spent on her instead.

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Regardless of the person’s situation, she considered him providing financial support as a waste, suggesting other things he could have done with the money.

His tweet reads:

“As long as I’m not giving her the money, I shouldn’t give it to anyone else. She would always point out something unnecessary that she could do with that money I just wasted as she termed it. For instance, I could give a family 20k to buy food and she will say “you just wasted that money on people that may be lying to you. The money I could have used for a spa day”

You guessed it, she was a “Zainab” too. WITCH”

See the post below:

Netizens react:

@Dumbledore: “The use of present continuous tense in certain parts of this tweets shows that you tolerated unacceptable behavior longer than the first instance of manifestation. Which is FAR longer than you should have. That’s a bad sign.”

@Estyffywill: “Godforbid! I pray generous people get to partner up with generous people🤲🏻”

@imsamwonders: “That’s the thing with relationships, you’ll look and say “wow,they looked so good together” meanwhile this is how someone thinks. Why you no go run?”

@Amara: “It’s one thing to not know how & when to give—it’s another thing to not let other people give/help the needy. It’s dangerous to embody both. I’ll call this greed because I believe she also receives money from the guy. Sadly, she’s an unkind fellow who doesn’t care about others.”

@Oluwatobi: “This is a valid reason to leave tbh, you don’t come into people’s lives to police who they help. I take exceptions to things like this .”

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