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‘She get mind’: Father returns home, finds daughter in wrapper with two boys

'She get mind': Father returns home, find daughter in wrapper with two boys

A video taken by a father when he returned home from work to find his daughter home alone with two boys has gone viral on TikTok.

Furious, he grabbed his phone and began recording the scene while scolding his daughter.

In the viral video, the angry father showed the boys and his daughter as he confronted them, but she appeared unbothered by her dad’s obvious anger.

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Dressed in only a wrapper, she stood using her phone as he ranted.

He then slapped her multiple times and ordered her to leave his house.

The video clip has sparked discussions among users.

Skabash compiled a few reactions

@riola_schwartz asked:
“What all this ?? So the first thing you taught to do as a parent is bring out your phone and record… How classic”

@LifeOfNapaul wondered:
“What is she still pressing on that phone?!”

@Collins_Paul_cp said:
“This isn’t right. You can discipline a child and still keep their dignity intact”
@asubirain commented:
“So much respect for the man, that he didn’t go for the male minors 1st. like many people would do, the girl is his jurisdiction, I told my friend yesterday that his 6yr old should not be on TikTok, “she loves to watch them dance” he replied, this is how plenty nonsense begins.”

@Chikeezie wrote:
“People are asking why she’s pressing her phone…. Of course she’s deleting things. That would have been the first thing the man should have reached for. He probably might have had a heart attack.”

“Would this make the news if he arrived and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt?”

Watch the video below

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