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Sex sounds: How you can get the effect of this banging rhythm for your project

Sex sounds: How you can get the effect of this banging rhythm for your project

One does not need to watch porn to know that sex can be noisy. Sex sounds are key components of satisfying sexual intercourse. These sounds let our partners know that we are enjoying their touch.

Sex sounds are sexy. They cheer and turn on partners engaging in sex. But what exactly are sex sounds and how are they important in the media world?

Find out when you read this article.

What is sex sounds?

What is sex sounds?

Sex sounds are the sounds we make while having sex. The sounds can come in the form of moaning, groaning and grunting, among others. Sex sounds are the body’s physiological response to exertion. We make these sounds because we need more oxygen, signalling the body to deliver it via our “laryngeal muscles”.

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“[This creates] a system under pressure that lengthens the expiration phase of the breath and enhances the oxygenation of the blood,” researcher Lorraine McCune explained to TIME.

“Expiration against the constricted glottis produces pulses of sound.”

James Higham, an anthropology professor at New York University, explains that humans shorten the words they use most frequently. As a result, partners resort to using sex sounds instead of using words to express themselves.

“I don’t have to say, “Oh yeah, that’s the spot, right there, no wait, just slightly up,” the Daily Mail quoted Higham as saying. “I can just be quiet until they hit the spot and go “Mmmm” and there you go – they know.”

Neuroscientist Barry Komisaruk, author of The Science of the Orgasm, explained that sex sounds started as small respiratory releases but have become a form of communication as well.

“The sound is a representation of the intensity of excitation,” he said.

“If a partner gets excited hearing a shout during sex, then that can be a rewarding communication that bonds the partner and encourages them to do it again.”

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Sex sounds effects

Sex sound effects are recorded sex sounds that are used for various purposes in media and entertainment. These effects can help you add realism to intimate and sensual videos, games, adult films and sensuality or sex education documentaries. Typical sounds include male and female moaning sounds, loud breathing, pleasure moans (man and woman), kissing and other sounds humans make when having sex.

Girl Moaning is probably the most popular and sought-after sex sound effect.

How to get sex sounds effects for your project

Sex sound effects on most websites are not free, but there are sites where you can download them for free. However, virtually all websites will require you to sign in to become a member before you can make any downloads. There are many types of sex sounds on these websites. After signing in, choose one that suits your project and download it.

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